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Bye Week Analysis: Giants' Defense

We know the story with the New York Giants' defense. It's all about the defensive line. Lots of pass-rushers. Lots of big plays created by the defense, and just about as many being given up. If this group can ever find some consistency and stop giving up those huge plays it could be one of the league's best.

No Halloween Costume Necessary

He's Superman. Or Spiderman. Just go ahead and name your own superhero. Whoever you choose, Jason Pierre-Paul is a monster. He has 7.5 sacks, which is second in the league, and 30 tackles. The truly amazing thing is the Giants still don't think the second-year player really knows what he is doing yet.

"He's a long way away from where he can get to. He's done such a good job of coming in and just learning the system. He hasn't played much football. I'm amazed every day by JPP. Every game it's just like something he learns new and he continues to improve," said Giants defensive line coach Robert Nunn. He's a very unique talent. He's got unique ability. He's got such good quickness. Once he begins to play full speed, it's scary. It's not that he's loafing. It's just the game is still moving fast for him. It continues to slow down more and more as we go. He's got to be accounted for every snap."

Sacks Interceptions Tackles
G Sacks YdsL Int Yds IntTD Solo Ast Total
2011 - Jason Pierre-Paul 6 7.5 59 0 0 0 24 6 30

Hey Perry, Can You Turn Them Loose? Please!

The Giants lead the league with 21 quarterback sacks. The truly incredible thing about that is that defensive coordinator Perry Fewell often seems to be running a scheme that holds back his devastating array of pass-rushers -- rarely blitzing and too often sending only three rushers. C'mon Perry, release the hounds!

Do The Words 'Gap Responsibility' Ring A Bell?

We seem to hear about failures in 'gap responsibility' almost every week. Hey fellas, is it really that complicated? The Giants have already surrendered seven runs of 20 yards or more this season, two that went for more than 40 yards. That's not good enough.

Linebackers? Who Says The Giants Don't Have Any?

Michael Boley is having an excellent year, taking on more leadership responsibility than ever before. At his current pace he will finish with more than 100 tackles. Mathias Kiwanuka has done an excellent job in a hybrid DE/LB role. Rookie Jacquian Williams has shown considerable play-making potential. Thre is also Greg Jones and several other rookies. This position looks better than it has in a loooong time.

Praying For Prince

No offense to either player, but the Giants need desperately to get Deon Grant out of that center field safety position and Antrel Rolle out of the slot cornerback spot. They know it, too.

"Deon Grant came back to us and again if you look at some of the injuries that have occurred, Jon Goff at that linebacker position, we didn't intend for him to come back and play as a deep safety," said safeties coach Dave Merritt. "Deon last year played the Will linebacker position for us so he was down around the box. Now because we don't have anybody that we are comfortable with in the back end, Deon is having to play that safety position and that is a little different for him as well as Antrel. We have two guys that are coming in and playing positions that they didn't think they would have to play a lot of. That's what they are doing and they are doing well."

That is where Amukamara comes in. If the first-round pick can come back from his broken foot, pick up the defense and handle covering slot receivers then Rolle can go back to his normal safety position and Grant won't be exposed in so many passing situations.

By The Numbers

Points Per Game: 24.5 (22nd)
Yards Allowed: 273.5 (20th)
Rushing Yards: 127.7 (25th)
Pasing Yards: 245.8 (16th)