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Coughlin: Eli Manning Is 'In My Top Five'

After what he said earlier this year about being a top five quarterback and belonging in the same class with New England's Tom Brady, you get the feeling that New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning will forever be judged -- at least by some -- against that standard.

During an appearance this week on the 'Boomer & Carton Show' on WFAN Radio, Giants coach Tom Coughlin left no doubt how he feels about his team's quarterback.

"He's in my top five I will guarantee you that and he has proved it over and over again," Coughlin said. "The other thing is fellas what do you expect him to say? Come on. Come on."

Well, really what do you expect Coughlin to say there. But with his 101.1 passer rating Manning has certainly played like a top five guy so far this season. Here is one more quote from Coughlin about Manning, one which I find very hard to argue with.

"He has confidence and his teammates have great confidence in him. The one thing he ought to be given credit for is the way he goes about his business. He conducts himself in a very professional manner and always has. He's done things with regard to his team and his teammates that have helped project the proper image on the outside rather than the other way around. No one ever gives him credit for that," Coughlin said.