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Mikey's Crystal Ball: Week 7

Last Week: 12-1

Season Record: 66-24

Do you guys ever notice that when the Giants win, other things tend to fall into place? Like they win, I go 12-1 in my picks, my fantasy teams both win, life is good. But when they lose, the opposite happens. So this week with the G-men on bye, I have no idea what to expect--but I am looking forward to bouncing around my Sunday Ticket subscription without having to reach for the Alka-Seltzer.

Washington at Carolina--Did you guys see Rex Grossman talking to reporters on Wednesday? Dude looked like he was going to cry. But whether it's poor conditioning, four interceptions or some other QB malady, Rex should know Shanahan has a quick hook. And oh, the DC free fall has begun. Panthers 20, Redskins 17

Seattle at Cleveland--I guess the Seahawks squelched that whole sucking in the Eastern time zone thing two weeks ago, huh? Seahawks 19, Browns 14

Atlanta at Detroit--Memo to Mike Smith: if you're thinking about using that handshake buzzer gag on Jim Schwartz this Sunday, you might want to re-think that one. That said, he won't be too jovial after the Falcons slip to 3-4. Lions 26, Falcons 20

Denver at Miami--I want to pick Miami to win their first game, but took two things into consideration--one, they were 1-7 at home last year and so far are 0-2 at home this year; and two, Tim Tebow is starting for the Broncos. In Florida. Broncos 24, Dolphins 17

San Diego at NY Jets--This game is two days away and I can already hear the boos coming from New Jersey. Chargers 23, Jets 21

Chicago vs. Tampa Bay at London--I heard Roger Goodell wants to add a second game in London next season. Really? That's the dumbest idea since no beer sales after the third quarter. Bucs 17, Bears 16

Houston at Tennessee--The Texans give up 20.7 points per game; the Titans give up 18.8. If the score is that low, I at least want to see Andre Johnson punch Cortland Finnegan again, but Andre is not likely to play. Titans 13, Texans 10

Pittsburgh at Arizona--I feel like this could be an upset, but I'm going to be conservative here and just pick the Steelers in a close one. Steelers 27, Cards 24

Kansas City at Oakland--Don't look now, the Raiders are 4-2 and in contention. Raiders 28, Chiefs 17

St. Louis at Dallas--Poor Spags. And yeah, I know what you guys are all thinking, so I won't actually write it here. Cowboys 27, Rams 10

Green Bay at Minnesota--This game has lost its appeal with Brett Favre retired. By the way, has he actually filed retirement papers yet? Packers 35, Vikings 14

Indianapolis at New Orleans--Wow, some of these Sunday night and Monday night matchups have been awful. I wonder if I have any books to read. Saints 31, Colts 6

Baltimore at Jacksonville--As I was saying.......Ravens 27, Jags 12