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Giants' GM Jerry Reese Again Proving His Worth

Remember back in the preseason when New York Giants players were dropping like flies due to injury and defecting to other teams via free agency? Remember all the gnashing of teeth and complaints that GM Jerry Reese had no plan? That he was unprepared? That he was clueless?

When training camp began, Reese said "We like the guys we have right now." When the injuries and defections began to pile up, there was plenty of skepticism. Reese, though, stayed the course:

"The perception is that we are not doing a lot. We had a game plan and we are sticking to our game plan," Reese said."We feel good about our roster and we have a strong roster. We will continue to try to make it stronger.

"We have good players on the team. We're not looking to go out and make every sexy splash that can be made. We make solid football decisions. That's been happening for a long time."

The Giants are 4-2, leading the NFC East, and so far Reese is being proven right. He trusted his talent evaluation over the past few seasons, believed in the players on the roster who had not yet had an opportunity, and his faith is paying off.

  • Steve Smith has five catches and no touchdowns for Philadelphia. Victor Cruz, Smith's replacement, has 21 catches and three scores.
  • Kevin Boss has seven catches in three games for Oakland. Jake Ballard has 15 catches in six games for the Giants, and is showing that he should at least be able to equal what Boss did a season ago.
  • Barry Cofield is playing well for Washington. Linval Joseph and Rocky Bernard, though, are doing just fine for the Giants -- at a fraction of the cost.
  • Shaun O'Hara and Rich Seubert are still out of the league, while Will Beatty is showing that he can be a capable left tackle and David Baas is showing promise at the center spot.
  • The signing of Steve Weatherford has been a big boost to the special teams.

There is more than half the season yet to be played. Undeniably, injuries have left the Giants razor-thin in a number of areas. Once again, though, Reese has proven that he does know what he is doing. Really, should there have ever been any doubt?