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Eli Manning And QBR: Big Week For Giants' Quarterback

ESPN's Total QBR system of rating quarterbacks loves the work Eli Manning did Sunday in the New York Giants' 27-24 victory over the Buffalo Bills. Manning earned a season-best 91.4 QBR for his 21-of-32, 292-yard, no touchdown, no interception game against Buffalo.

Judging by QBR only two quarterbacks were better than Manning on Sunday. Matt Ryan of Atlanta had a 92.5 and Green Bay's Aaron Rodgers scored a 91.9. Chicago's Jay Cutler equaled Manning's 91.4. By traditional grading methods, Manning's passer rating was 94.8.

For the season Manning's QBR is 10th in the league at 62.5. Rodgers leads with a ridiculous 85.6 for the season.

Manning had a rough game a week ago against Seattle, but for the most part he has played tremendous football thus far in 2011. He has just five interceptions through six games and a passer rating of 101.4. The Giants, and their fans, have to feel really good about the way Manning has played thus far in 2011.