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Giants 27, Bills 24: More Post-Game Reactions

Here are some of the player reactions from the New York Giants' locker room following Sunday's 27-24 victory over the Buffalo Bills.

Ahmad Bradshaw on his big 30-yard run in the fourth quarter:

"Anytime I have a chance, trying to put the team on my back, keep making plays and that is what I plan to do. Anytime they give me a shot I try to take advantage of it. They called a great play, a misdirection, and those guys up front did a heck of a job today. My hat goes off to those guys. We've worked hard all week and I think we were successful today."

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Corey Webster on which of his two interceptions was better:

"I like them both the same. We just needed the opportunity to get the offense back the ball so the second one kind of set up a little better, but our job as a defense is to go out there and stop the opposing team's offense and I think we did a good job of that. We didn't start off well early on in the game giving them two big plays, but other than that we kept fighting and ultimately were able to get the ‘W.' "

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Eli Manning on the importance of being 4-2 rather than 3-3 heading into the bye

"I love winning before a bye because it's just a long two weeks where you're thinking about what you could have done, where you needed to get better. Just having that locker room excited, especially a fourth quarter come from behind - defense stepped up, offense stepped up at the end, everybody did their part. Special teams got the field goals. We came together as a team. Guys made the plays and a big win. 4-2, feel like were in a good spot. We made progress offensively. Like we said, we just can't afford to make mistakes like we did last week. There's going to be big plays out there. Guys took that to heart and made differences in practice and mindset and we came out there and did exactly what we set out to do."

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