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Corey Webster, Post-Game 10.16.11

Did they go to the same pattern against you on the second interception?
They did. They ran it a couple of times. They were working on the back side, three by one, read a slant, back shoulder fade, so we got that a couple of times so we were aware of it.

Which interception did you think was better?
I like them both the same. We just needed the opportunity to get the offense back the ball so the second one kind of set up a little better, but our job as a defense is to go out there and stop the opposing team's offense and I think we did a good job of that. We didn't start off well early on in the game giving them two big plays, but other than that we kept fighting and ultimately were able to get the ‘W.'

When the receiver goes deep did you think it was better to stay on the inside position?
They had been running slants all day so I wanted to be inside of them. I think the hardest route for them to throw, outside of the slants they had been running, was the fade route so I wanted to kind of take the inside away from him. Hopefully he would run the fade and be able to get in the throwing lane, get your head back around and look for the ball.

How big of a win was this for you?
It was a good win going into the bye week. We still have a long ways to go, but it is easily corrected off of a ‘W' instead of a ‘L.' We made some mistakes, but we get to correct them. We have two weeks to do that so hopefully we get started moving in the right direction now.

All season long it seems you have been matched up all day with the opposing number one receiver, is that how you want it?
It doesn't matter. I like to play however I can help the team. We have been doing a lot of matching up and I think it has been working for us; we have been doing well. Whatever the defense or whatever the coaches ask us to do I think the guys have been stepping up and responding well to it. We are going to continue to do that, put our hands on receivers to try to change the timing between the quarterback and the receivers and hopefully that helps us in the long run.

How were you guys able to keep your composure after the two big plays by their offense early in the game?
Just keep fighting and scrapping. We tell ourselves every day that they are going to make some plays, they get paid as well too, so just keep fighting and keep scrapping and ultimately win the fourth quarter. We got to pull a ‘W' out this week so it worked for us.

How much did you need the defense to come up big in the second half this week?
After giving up those two big plays we needed to make a couple of stops to make up for those. We hate to start off behind the eight ball like we did, but like I said we just persevered, kept fighting, kept scrapping and were able to get the ‘W' at the end of the day.

After Stevie Johnson got the touchdown on you did you hope you would able to get a second chance to redeem yourself?
Yeah you want the chance, the opportunity, to even the score. That is what you play for. The competitive spirit. You want to go out there and have a chance to either play that slant route or play that exact same route again. I was blessed with the opportunity again and just wanted to be in good position to make a play on the ball.

Where is this defense going into the bye week?
I still think we have a long ways to, but we are trying to be the best defense so we have a lot of work to do. I think our guys are geared into doing that by working hard and trying to get better. I just think we need to be very detailed, technique-sound, and we will do well.

Did you see the ball on the first interception?
I did lose it a little bit. I got my head around twice on it and was able once it hit my hands to just squeeze it and bring the ball in.

You want to have a short memory when you get beat, but did you take anything away from the touchdown?
Well I wanted to remember the route. We are going to take something from those bad plays; you have to learn something from it. If you don't learn anything from it, it is going to happen again. I took what I needed to take from that play and ultimately tried to correct what I did wrong or try to make it better. You still need to have a short-term memory. I didn't let that play affect the next play in a negative way; I want it to be positive. We had an opportunity to see that play again and make a play on the ball.