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Post-Game Player Quotes, 10.16.11

Corey Webster
On the game:
We gave up a couple of big plays early in the game. We strive to not give up big plays. We wanted to do something to get those back. We had an opportunity to make some turnovers and get our hands on the ball and we took full advantage of it.

We got turnovers and our offense didn't turn the ball over today. We wanted to be plus in the turnover category. The statistics show that the team that doesn't turn the ball over does well.

I don't think we put a complete game together yet. We have been striving to finish and win the fourth quarter battle. We did just that. The guys didn't give up because we just kept fighting and ultimately we came out with the win in the end.

David Diehl
On the game plan of protecting the ball and redzone offense:
That was the game plan coming into the game. The Bills defense is a team that was creating 14 points a game based on the turnovers that their defense was creating. They were putting touchdowns on the board on defense. We knew coming into this one that if we run the ball, take care of the ball and don't turn it over. When we're going into the redzone we need to put touchdowns on the board because this is another offense that can put up points. We worked extremely hard this week. We had a lot of confidence in one another and the true sign of today was that even when adversity hit nobody panicked, everybody stayed calm and we made the adjustments needed and kept fighting. We beat a good football team today.

On Ahmad's 100 yard rushing effort:
It's great because the way things have been going it has been tough sledding. Heading into this game we knew that in order to win this we had to get the running game going. It's a credit to Ahmad the way that he ran the ball and how hard he did to have 100 yards and three touchdowns. It's an awesome feeling.

Ahmad Bradshaw
On the offense and redzone efficiency:
It was a successful day for us running the ball up front. I'm very proud of our offensive line. And Eli wasn't throwing the ball like he was, then a lot of runs wouldn't open up like they did. We worked hard on the redzone. The front did a great job for me to push it in on goal line.

On not having any turnovers:
That wins games. If we win the turnover battle every game, then we have a more successful outcome in every game. If we can do that every week, then I think we'll have a great year.

Jason Pierre-Paul
On the defense pressuring the QB:
We had to put pressure on him. He's a quick pass guy. He gets the ball out quick. We had to come up with a gameplan to put pressure on him and make him move out of the pocket and that is what he did.

We practiced putting our hands up. Coach told us Saturday morning to keep putting our hands up and I put my hands up last minute and knocked the ball down.

On the second half adjustments:
They got it going in the beginning. When we came in at halftime we made some adjustments too and executed. It feels good to win the game and be 4-2.

Victor Cruz
On the total team effort:
It was a complete game. When the running game is going we are pretty tough to beat. We were perfect in the redzone; we were able to score every time, either a field goal or touchdown. We did good things today
We were spreading the ball around. We did some good things in practice to get a lot of people open, a lot of people touches and it paid off this week.
To not turn the ball over in this league is hard to do. To be perfect and to go out here with a win is tremendous.