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New York Giants News And Notes: Fewell Talks About Defensive Woes

Lots of stuff to get out there for you this morning, New York Giants' fans. So, here are your morning news and notes.

Giants' defensive coordinator Perry Fewell used to hold that same job in Buffalo, as well as a short stint as Bills' interim head coach. He downplayed any connection he had to Buffalo, though,' saying "It’s just a game that we have to win."

To win it, Fewell's defense, ranked a disappointing 20th in the league in yards allowed per game, will have to play better.

"We're trying to learn how to play together. That's the biggest problem that I think we have right now, learning how to play together. So yes, my focus is more on us than it is the Buffalo Bills because we have to learn how to compliment each other and we don't know how to compliment each other at this point in time," Fewell said. "What you see is we have some youth back there in our linebacker corps. Then with some of the guys moving in and out, we're not consistent. I said that to you last week. We're not a consistent defense."

Fewell told reporters Thursday that he might have players wear wristbands in order to make sure they all get the calls correctly. I don't know all the technical aspects of defensive schemes, but all I can say to that is if professional players have to wear wristbands to figure out what the defense is then whatever they are supposed to be doing is probably way too complicated.

Justin Tuck has not practiced this week due to his neck and groin injuries, and his frustration is evident.

"You worked out in the offseason to prepare your body to have a great year and sometimes these unfortunate things come and you have to take them in stride. That is what I am trying to do," Tuck said. "You definitely want to be out there helping your teammates win. As far as me just wanting to be out there on the football field, it is frustrating for me not to be out there."

Ahmad Bradshaw was asked Thursday whether he is frustrated about the Giants' problems running the ball so far. He said pretty much the only thing he could say.

"I believe in my line and I figure that they get better every week and hopefully this week they are 10 times better," Bradshaw said. "We are going to come out and try our best. Up front, we have to handle them and we have to hit the holes hard."

Much-improved Bills out to erase all doubt vs. Giants -

"We’re a better team than people think," running back Fred Jackson told The Post yesterday. "We know the doubters are going to be there until we finally get back to the playoffs, and I understand that, but this team is no fluke."

Giants vs. Bills: Jake Ballard, Bear Pascoe, Scott Chandler playing a variety of roles |
Last year, they were three tight ends who didn't make the Giants' roster.

To ease wear and tear, Nicks turns to hyperbaric chamber | New York Daily News

Two full seasons in the NFL have taught Hakeem Nicks one thing. By the time December comes around, the wideout's 23-year-old body will be bruised and battered.

"I'm fine now," he says. "But late in the season, you get groin injuries and hamstring soreness. Things like that."

This season, Nicks is going through great lengths to keep himself from that late-season weariness. The latest example? He just purchased a hyperbaric chamber, and he's planning to start sleeping in it later next week.

Simms sees setback in Giants offensive line -

Working for CBS — which carries primarily AFC games — Phil Simms does not get to call too many Giants games. He watches his former team "as a fan" but when he put on his analyst’s cap for Sunday’s game against the Bills it did not take long for the quarterback to spot the weakness.

"It’s the first note I wrote: The offensive line is not the dominating force I usually see with the Giants ever since Tom Coughlin’s been there," Simms said. "Ever since he’s been there that offensive line’s body of work has been tremendous."