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Mikey's Crystal Ball: Week 6

Last Week: 8-5

Season Record: 54-23

Whew. These games are getting harder, not easier, to pick as the season rolls along. Or at least the upsets from week to week make it harder to figure teams out. Take our Giants, for example. Does anyone really know who they are? For that matter, who are the Chiefs, Steelers, Cowboys, Jets, Bears.....need I go on? Nah, let's just give you the picks.....

Carolina at Atlanta--It's hard to imagine Cam Newton playing this well and the Panthers being on the verge of 1-5, but the way Atlanta's D looked for 45 minutes Sunday night against Green Bay is Exhibit A. Falcons 24, Panthers17

Indianapolis at Cincinnati--I thought the Chiefs were the medicine the Colts needed, but mostly they just need the season to end, fast. Bengals 28, Colts 13

San Francisco at Detroit--Two teams that are a combined 9-1 right now. What year is this, anyway? So long as the home team can stay out of its own way, they should win--but they can't spot the Niners 20 points and expect to come back on that defense. Lions 20, Niners 16

St. Louis at Green Bay--Cover your eyes. No, really, cover your eyes. Packers 49, Rams 7

Buffalo at NY Giants--As maddening as Big Blue has looked, I just have a feeling about Sunday's game. Giants 33, Bills 31

Jacksonville at Pittsburgh--I feel like the Steelers are hitting their stride, and for the Jags--well, Jack Del Rio fighting off tears after a loss is a bad sign. Steelers 28, Jags 14

Philadelphia at Washington--Didn't Michael Vick put up 59 points in this one last year? Do you get the feeling Rex Grossman might do the same thing this year? Nah. Eagles 29, Redskins 20

Houston at Baltimore--The Ravens are rested and home and this is about the point in the season where our infatuation with Houston begins to fade. Ravens 20, Texans 17

Cleveland at Oakland--The Ghost of Al continues to roll. Raiders 34, Browns 17

Dallas at New England--Boy, seeing the Cowboys lose never gets old. Patriots 38, Cowboys 31

New Orleans at Tampa Bay--I think I picked the Panthers to beat the Saints last week. This week, I'm picking the Bucs to pull the upset. Bucs 27, Saints 24

Minnesota at Chicago--Yeah, the Viking finally won a game, but Adrian Peterson will not score 3 TDs against the Bears. At least I don't think he will. I mean, it IS the Bears. Bears 17, Vikings 12

Miami at NY Jets--The Jets can't possibly go to 2-4 and lose at home to the winless Dolphins, can they? And yet, Miami always seems to give them fits. But not this time. Jets 23, Dolphins 13