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Power Play Of The Week

[NOTE: This is another one of those 'sponsored' posts that have been popping up here and across all SB Nation sites more and more often. In this one, we will usually pick one play from the previous game to discuss.]

OK, so if we have to talk about one play from Sunday's 36-25 loss to the Seattle Seahawks it is pretty obvious which one it has to be. We have already talked some about the pass to Victor Cruz that bounced off his hands and became a game-deciding pick six for Seattle's Brandon Browner.

Let's examine. Giants have first-and-goal at the five-yard line. Will Beatty commits a false start penalty, which messes up the whole sequence right from the start.

The Giants try to get that yardage back on first down with a short throw to Cruz. Eli Manning puts the ball where it needs to be, but Cruz doesn't get there, having slipped on the MetLife Stadium Field Turf (do you hate Field Turf as much as I do?).

Right play call? Wrong play call? Eli's fault? Cruz's fault? Kevin Gilbride's fault? Nobody's fault, just a bad bounce?

I was not in love with the play call, as I have said previously. I can live with it, though. The Giants just got a bad bounce. Fact is, Seattle is not very good and the Giants did not deserve to win the game, anyway.