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Giants' PFF Grades, Week 5

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Here we go with this week's Pro Football Focus grades for the New York Giants in their Week 5 loss to the Seattle Seahawks. We all know these are, justifiably, not going to be pretty.

Remember when you read, and discuss, these that we want to view them as a guideline to put a quantifiable number on how guys played. Whether you agree or disagree with the grades they are just for discussion. So, here we go:


Jake Ballard (+2.3) ... It says a lot about the offense that Ballard is the only player with a grade better than +0.7.
Henry Hynoski (+0.7) ... Played just 17 snaps due to a neck burner. Not much known right now about his status for the Buffalo game.
Chris Snee (-0.4) ... This is just the beginning of the offensive line ugliness in the grades.
Kareem McKenzie (-0.8) ... He was graded at -3.1 in run blocking, which goes right along with the fact that I saw him constantly getting pushed backwards on Sunday.
Travis Beckum (-2.3) ... In only 26 snaps. Beckum doesn't block well, and never gets the ball thrown in his direction. Why is he on the field?
Eli Manning (-2.4) ... The three interceptions kill his grade.
Kevin Boothe (-2.7) ... A -3.1 in run blocking. Another telling sign.
Will Beatty (-2.8) ... Struggled with Chris Clemons all day, but he's still better on the outside than David Diehl.
David Diehl (-3.6) ... Diehl got killed here for his pass blocking, getting a -3.2 there.

I didn't bother with the wide receivers or running backs, who are all in the 0.0 to -1.0 range. These grades tell you exactly why the Giants could not get anything done offensively. There isn't one lineman who played well.

PFF's Khaled Elsayed takes Diehl to task, and the truth is he has a point here:

Another day, another performance where David Diehl (-3.6) continues to try to prove those who said he couldn't be worse at guard wrong. The Giants LG gave up an atrocious six pressures, so while the talk may have been of William Beatty (-2.8) surrendering two sacks and two penalties, Diehl was once again the lowest rated Giant in pass protection. At this point it's not just a case of one or two bad performances, but consistently sub standard displays from Diehl who is not protecting his quarterback from pressure up the gut.

Dieh's score thru five games is -7.8, which places him 64th among 70 guards graded by PFF.


Osi Umenyiora (+4.5) ... OK, you guys all know I have never been the biggest Umenyiora booster. Absolutely nothing to complain about in Umenyiora's performance on Sunday, though. He rushed the passer, and played the run.
Jason Pierre-Paul (+3.4) ... There are still people who argue Mathias Kiwanuka should be a defensive end, and maybe he is a better defensive end than linebacker. But, how do you play him at DE and take this emerging star off the field? You simply can't do that.
Rocky Bernard (+2.3) ... The guy continues to play better than most Giants' fans thought he could.
Michael Boley (+1.4) ... Hard to complain much about the way Boley has played this season. Not the world's toughest run defender, but a good player.
Mathias Kiwanuka (+1.3) ... What I have not seen is the breakdown of how many times Kiwanuka was used as pass-rushing defensive end. He was +1.9 rushing the passer, with a sack, a quarterback hit and three pressures. Might be the best he has played this year. It still isn't good enough to take snaps away fromn Pierre-Paul, however.
Jacquian Williams (-1.2) ... Not sure how Williams graded out negatively, to be honest.
Chris Canty (-1.4)
Antrel Rolle (-1.4)
Kenny Phillips (-1.5)
Aaron Ross (-1.7) ... How bad would his grade have been without the interception he had?


Steve Weatherford (+3.1) ... The Giants' punter had a terrific day. Now, if he could just teach the Giants' gunner to make a tackle.
Lawrence Tynes (+1.3) ... Hey, Tynes put a kickoff thru the uprights. Gotta give him props for that.