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New York Giants Notes: Unhappy Hump Day Edition

So here we are, the first hump day of the offseason, with no Giants' football to look forward to this weekend. It's sort of like skunky or slightly flat beer, or the bag of cheese curls that don't have as much cheese on them -- satisfying, but not satisfying enough. It's what I'm going to call an unhappy hump day, because while we're all happy that football is still going on, we're not happy our teams' season is over. Speaking of unhappy, who peed in Brandon Jacobs' oatmeal? Here is what else is being said.....

New York Giants limped to finish line, thanks in part to slew of injuries - ESPN New York
This is a nice recap of what could have been, but at the end of the day it's still what could have been.

Giants feel they belong in NFL postseason, but losses to Eagles, Packers doomed chance to prove it
The Eagles have won more than a few in a row against the Giants. They have won six straight, which will be a huge story when they meet for the first time next season.

I wanted you guys to see this article for those two sentences alone. I think when Tom Coughlin goes to the office today, he should start figuring out how to beat the Eagles the next time these two teams meet. It has to happen in 2011, it just has to.

Could Giants lose both coordinators? - Scoop Du Jour - NFL - Yahoo! Sports
I think this is common knowledge by now, but Perry Fewell's name has now come up with three teams--Cleveland, Carolina and San Francisco. I sincerely hope this is interest in a fiery young coordinator who has proven he can lead a unit rather than Rooney Rule interviews. I also think that this is the coordinator we all least want to lose.

Giants Sent Packing by Playoff System With Baggage -
Seattle’s emergence puts a captivating twist on a weird season, and Saturday’s scene at Qwest Field will be a classic. Making the defending Super Bowl champion New Orleans Saints (11-5) fly more than 2,000 miles to play a 7-9 division winner strains credibility, and everyone outside the state of Washington knows it.

Yeah, I think everyone is so focused on Tampa and the Giants, that they forgot how screwed the defending champs are in this situation. I like watching competitive football, but I hope the Saints make a statement on Saturday and win like 45-0.

In New York Giants' case, numbers do lie -
The numbers are what you would expect to see from a team heading to the playoffs this weekend. The No. 2 offense in the NFC at 380.3 yards a game and No. 3 defense at 310.8. Eli Manning ending as the NFC’s second most productive QB in touchdown passes (31), yards (4,002), longest pass (97 yards), but most interceptions (25). The best sack tandem in the league with Justin Tuck and Osi Umenyiora each with 11.5. In the case of the Giants those numbers do lie.

Well, yeah, but it's just like the injury situation and the Giant's record--it is what it is.

Packers' blitz-savvy Rodgers will be a challenge for Eagles | Philadelphia Daily News | 01/05/2011
ROCK, MEET hard place. Sean McDermott, meet Aaron Rodgers. Actually, the Eagles' defensive coordinator already is very familiar with Rodgers. McDermott saw the Packers quarterback up close and personal in Week 1 and has seen him in his nightmares the last few days since learning the identity of the Eagles' first-round playoff opponent.

Of all the teams in the NFC that are in the playoffs, you have to believe that this is the one that scares the Eagles and their fans most. How could they not? They don't have a dominant run game, but they don't need one either. For this one, I hope the Eagles build up a 21-point lead and lose in the final 8 minutes. Yeah, that's my story and I'm sticking to it. How about you guys?