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Justin Tuck, 01.03.11

Q: Talk about the frustration and how it was last night when you found out the season was over?
A: Bittersweet moments. Obviously I was hoping Chicago helped us out, but we had opportunities earlier in the year to seal our own fate. One thing you always learn in this league is to handle your own business and don't get in the situation where you have to rely on somebody else. We have to win, and it didn't work out as far as the playoffs go. You come back next year and hopefully you take advantage of the missed opportunities we had this year.

Q: You glad to have Coach Coughlin back for next year?
A: Absolutely. Definitely.

Q: Any doubt that he wouldn't be back?
A: I told you last night that I didn't understand why it would be an issue. I said last night that I don't see where you upgrade because Coach Coughlin has been tremendous for us. He's been one of those coaches where you always know where he's coming from and you know what to expect from him. He knows exactly what he expects from you. I think he makes our job a whole lot easier with how professional he is in every situation.

Q: How difficult was it to come in today knowing the season was over?
A: I think the good thing is that you always come in here and see the guys' faces, and that's the uplifting part of it. If I had to come in here by myself and clean out my locker by myself, that would be a little tougher. We had a good year. 10-6 is nothing to hold your head down about. Obviously it wasn't good enough, and we always have a goal of reaching the playoffs and going deep in the playoffs and hopefully winning the Super Bowl. It didn't happen this year, but we're not going to hold our heads about it. We had opportunities, and you try your best to learn from them. Hopefully, that's being carried over to next year and it gets us to work a little harder in running and work a little harder in lifting and propel us to where we want to be next year.

Q: In the offseason, what do you think the team needs to add?
A: I don't think we're missing too much personnel-wise. I just think we didn't play consistent enough to be where we wanted to be. We were inconsistent in a lot of situations this year, and it came back to bite us. Obviously the Philly game comes to mind. The thing we really have to focus on this offseason is being consistent, finishing, and we'll be okay.

Q: Do you look at it like eight minutes ruined this team's season?
A: No. I look at a lot of issues that added into this factor. I know to a lot of people, it's the standout issue. It was resounding, I guess, but we lost other games, too. If we win some of the other games, that game isn't as important as it was. I don't think that ruined our season. It's high on the list of things that I wish I could take back for this year, but that one incident didn't ruin our year.

Q: How confident are you that there will be football next year?
A: There will be football next year. I don't know when it'll be, but this is a big business. A lot of people stand to lose a lot of money if we don't play, so we'll play.

Q: How will it affect the offseason programs and things, and will that affect the level of play?
A: I think it impacts the level of play on guys that have young teams. I think that we have a very good football team and understand how to get ourselves prepared to play the game. For me personally, I'm going to be working out regardless of if it's here or somewhere else. I think it comes down to those teams who have the veteran leadership who will call a rookie or a second year guy. Even if we're not working out here, I'll call JP or Linval and say, "Come work out with me here," and things like that. I think there are ways around it, and obviously you'd rather be here under the supervision of the coaches and the strength coach. There are ways around it.