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New York Giants Notes: Afternoon Jamboree

Beat reporters have been in the New York Giants locker room today talking to anyone and everyone as the Giants clean out their lockers on what some call 'baggy day' as players and coaches head for wherever they are going this off-season. I have been keeping tabs via Twitter, so let me give you a smattering of the chatter this afternoon.

First, though, I want to point to an article over at SB Nation New York that was posted this afternoon by Jeff Freier listing the Top 5 reasons for keeping Tom Coughlin as Giants coach. Full disclosure: Yes, I run the site and yes, I agree with Jeff on this one. But, no, I did not put him up to writing this one. Of course, if you want to say Jeff knows how to brown-nose the boss then, well, I can't stop you.

Anyway, on to this afternoon's Twitter-fest from the Giants locker room.

  • Eli Manning told reporters "I'm not a 25-INT quarterback. Obviously that's got to be fixed. Most of that is on me." He's right. Now the question is, how will the Giants help him next season?
  • Injured lineman Rich Seubert told reporters "I'm not going to let an injury end my career." GM Jerry Reese called Seubert the team's MVP in 2010.
  • Reese said he doesn't anticipate signing any of the team's free agents until the CBA is resolved.
  • Brandon Jacobs apparently stormed out of the locker room. Am I the only one who thinks we have seen the last of Jacobs as a Giant?
  • Keith Bulluck told Mike Garafolo he would rather retire and "buy a boat" than play part-time next season. Bye, bye, Keith. have fun sailing, snorkeling, cruising or whatever it is you decide to do. Time for the Giants to move on.
  • Kevin Gilbride is apparently a candidate to replace Randy Edsall as head coach at UConn. That will make many of you happy, but I'm not buying it. We have heard this before with Gilbride, and it never seems to come to fruition.
  • Tom Coughlin told reporters he is not considering coaching staff changes "right now." We all know how I feel about that one. I will be deeply disappointed if Tom Quinn still has a job with the Giants next season.
  • Shaun O'Hara expects to have surgery on his injured achillies.