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Jim Zorn: Could He Help Eli Manning?

Jim Zorn is out as quarterbacks coach for the Baltimore Ravens. Could he be a fit with the New York Giants, where Eli Manning suffered through a 25-interception season in 2010?

Zorn to the Giants would appear to be a long shot, at best. First and foremost, the job of quarterbacks coach is not open currently. Mike Sullivan has it, and from the silence regarding coaching changes that has emanated from the Giants offices since the end of the season it seems that he will be keeping it -- and that the rest of the assistants will also be staying on. You would have to think if coaching changes were going to be made on Tom Coughlin's staff, that guys like Sullivan or special teams coach Tom Quinn would have been purged by now.

Zorn, the former Washington Redskins coach, also already appears to have some options that may appeal to him. There is talk that he could land in Cleveland as either quarterbacks coach or offensive coordinator. He did work on Mike Holmgren's staff in Seattle. There is also discussion that he could return to the Seahawks, where he is obviously familiar with Matt Hasselbeck.

The other question is would the Giants really want to get involved with Zorn in the first place? He flopped as head coach in Washington. Regardless of what the Ravens are giving as reasons for the move -- mostly that they wanted offensive coordinator Cam Cameron to work more closely with quarterback Joe Flacco -- they obviously weren't impressed with Zorn, booting him out the door after just one season.

Could a more established quarterbacks coach than Sullivan help Manning? Maybe. Would Zorn be the right guy? Probably not.

With Eli, in the end I think it comes down to one simple thing. No matter who the quarterbacks coach is, Manning simply has to make better decisions than he often did in 2010.