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New York Giants Notes: Season Winding Down Edition

Eli Manning (10) of the New York Giants against the Detroit Lions at New Meadowlands Stadium on October 17 2010 in East Rutherford New Jersey.  (Photo by Nick Laham/Getty Images)
Eli Manning (10) of the New York Giants against the Detroit Lions at New Meadowlands Stadium on October 17 2010 in East Rutherford New Jersey. (Photo by Nick Laham/Getty Images)
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You can already hear crickets chirping, because with no real games this weekend and the Super Bowl nine days away, the thud that is the end of the NFL season is truly upon us, and that is a very sad time, indeed. Mrs. Mike, thankfully, understands where following the Giants and the NFL rank for me on the big board of life, but even she gets borderline giddy when she knows she can have me back on Sundays. And unless you follow the NBA, NHL, or NASCAR religiously, February -- or the six weeks or so before March Madness -- are just sad days for most football fans. But hey, we have one more game that counts, and it's a beauty.

Top 5 Super Bowl moments in New York Giants history - NFL - Yahoo! Sports
All in all, I consider myself rather lucky to be a fan of the New York football Giants. All three of the team's Super Bowl victories have occurred during my lifetime and, because of this, I've been fortunate enough to see some of the most memorable moments in Super Bowl history. The five Super Bowl moments listed below are not necessary the greatest in the history of the Giants. They're simply ones that I immediately think of when remembering the (thus far) three Super Bowl victories. Did I leave your favorite moment out? List it below.

My first thought was, how can you pull five moments from just three games. Then, after reading it, I came up with a few more in my head, and so did the readers. Check this out and add your own. The one glaring omission I saw was not having Plax's game-winning touchdown catch, but readers mentioned the other two I thought of--the Brady sack that really iced it by Jay Alford; and the Hostetler-to-Stephen-Baker TD in Super Bowl XXV. I'm curious how many you guys can come up with, so have at it.

Jeff Fisher Cut Loose as Titans’ Coach -
In a surprising move, the Tennessee Titans have parted ways with Jeff Fisher, who just completed his 16th full season as the N.F.L.’s longest-tenured coach. The team said in a news release Thursday night that "Fisher will no longer be the head coach of the team." The Titans announced the move within an hour of a report by that they were negotiating Fisher’s departure. He was 147-126 with the Titans and 6-10 this season. Though Fisher, 52, had been derided locally as Coach .500 or Coacho Ocho, he seemed to have just survived a battle with quarterback Vince Young. Bud Adams, the Titans’ owner, decided Jan. 5 to either release Young or trade him. The owner announced two days later that he would be keeping Fisher.

Of course, the one lingering memory we all have is that awful loss to the Titans back in September, in a game we totally out-played and out-gained them, but allowed mistakes to give Fisher's Titans the win. Looking back as a game the Giants should have won but didn't, and we could have a different match-up in the Super Bowl next Sunday. And by the way, Vince Young was at the Knicks/Heat game Thursday night and had only nice things to say about his former coach.

Giants QB Manning 'most powerful' athlete in New York -
Eli Manning is the most powerful athlete in New York, according to Bloomberg Businessweek. The Giants quarterback was ranked 17th in the magazine's latest Power 100 poll, highest among locals in the list that's based on appeal to fans and advertisers and on-field achievements. Of Manning, Businessweek writes, "The past two seasons have been rough for Eli Manning -- he just missed the playoffs in each -- but Manning's selling power remains strong. Memories of his amazing last-second triumph in Super Bowl XLII remains fresh. Athough he led the league with 25 interceptions last season, we estimate that he took home $7 million in endorsements for the year."

Let me begin by saying that our QB has my full support as a Giants' fan, but when I think of the guy's endorsements, I chuckle a bit. That "Eli Manning is unstoppable" Citizen Watch campaign began before his Super Bowl glory of three seasons ago, but when it first came out, I was like, "Really? His brother is doing those hilarious Visa commercials and this is what little brother gets?" Then, they had him licking Oreos against Peyton. Yeah, that's more like it. That's our "powerful" quarterback in action!

Enjoy the Pro Bowl, could be the last time you see any New York Giants players in uniform for a long time, and that's even sadder than the NFL offseason.