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Super Bowl XXI: A Very Happy Anniversary!

I wish I had realized this sooner, but today is the 24th anniversary of the New York Giants first Super Bowl championship, the 39-20 victory over the Denver Broncos on Jan. 25, 1987 in Super Bowl XXI. So, raise a glass this evening in honor of Phil Simms, Lawrence Taylor & Co.

Remember, this was the glorious game in which Phil Simms completed 22-of-25 passes for 268 yards and three touchdowns to earn the game's Most Valuable Player award.

The Giants trailed in this one, 10-9, at halftime before scoring 24 unanswered points to take a commanding 33-10 lead.

I am going to touch on all three of the Giants Super Bowl victories on their anniversaries. So, we won't be getting a fourth title this time around, but we can reminisce a bit.