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NFL Championship Weekend: Who Ya Got?

It really stinks to be a New York Giants fan this weekend. Everything is about the New York Jets with them in the AFC Championship Game against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Are you going to watch Jets-Steelers on Sunday (6:30 p.m., CBS)? How about Packers-Bears in the NFC Championship Game (3 p.m., FOX)? Who are you rooting for? Can you stomach rooting for the Jets? I can't root for them, but I do think they are going to win.

Check out Gang Green Nation for Jets stories, Behind the Steel Curtain for Steelers, AAcme Packing Company for Packers and Windy City Gridiron for Bears info.

I will have a little bit of a 'rooting guide' for you Sunday morning.

By the way, I am sure you will be thrilled to know you can watch a marathon 'Hard Knocks' encore on HBO2 today beginning at 3 p.m. Featuring, of course, Rex Ryan and the Jets.