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New York Giants Notes: Antrel-Free Edition

I can't do it. I won't talk about No. 26 today, because there has already been enough said for the entire offseason. So instead, let's talk about other NFL happenings as they relate to the Giants, directly or indirectly as we head into championship Sunday.

New York City is Now a Jets Town - Yahoo! News
Given that the Big Apple is known primarily as a baseball town, and given that the New York Giants are generally acknowledged as the number one football team in town, the Jets have always been a bit of a scrappy underdog when it comes to capturing the heart of the city. At least for now, though, the heart of the city is Jet green.

This story even goes on to talk about the Empire State Building being decked out in green and white this weekend. A-R-G-H.

Former NFL Quarterback Finds A Home In Investment Banking
The biggest difference between the Dave Brown that stands in front of me now and the one that I watched on TV as a kid is that instead of a dark blue jersey and a Giants helmet, Brown wears a shirt and tie and looks like hundreds of thousands of other workers in the city.

This is a really interesting where-are-they-now article, especially considering that Brown's name comes up frequently on BBV.

Bears and Packers in Postseason: A History of Missing Each Other -
The Chicago Bears and the Green Bay Packers are two of the storied franchises in the N.F.L., with 16 championships between them and a rivalry that dates to the early 1920s. So how have they gone 70 years without meeting in the playoffs? Because for all their history and all their championships, the Bears and the Packers have rarely been good at the same time.

Yeah, it's really strange, but this should be a heck of a game on Sunday. I live two hours from Chicago, and it's minus-9 right now. Even if it warms up by 20 degrees Sunday afternoon, it's stilll going to be frigid and possibly snowing. I, for one, am glad that neither title game will be played in a dome or in a place like sunny San Diego. How about you guys?

NFL playoffs: Postseason mistakes become norm for New England Patriots - ESPN Boston
Call it the Curse of Asante. Nothing has quite gone the Patriot Way since cornerback Asante Samuel let a game-sealing interception slip through his fingers in the final minutes of Super Bowl XLII. Within seconds, David Tyree hauled in his improbable helmet catch and the New York Giants pulled off a colossal upset....Although their faithful followers have long boasted they have the best coach and the best quarterback, the duo of Bill Belichick and Tom Brady have submitted a tepid 5-5 record in the playoffs since their last Super Bowl victory, including a 2-5 mark against teams they had faced during the regular season.

I think sometimes we Giants fans forget how close we came to losing that Super Bowl. And hey, if we can take credit for starting a few years of bad luck and playoff mediocrity for the Patriots, so be it.

'Other safety' produces a star show for Steelers | NFL | Latest news and video on the Dallas ...
Out of the shadow of Troy Polamalu, Ryan Clark's value is now in clear view.

You know, I completely forgot we had Ryan Clark for a couple years. He plays safety and wearsNo. 25, and probably doesn't run his mouth like ... oh, wait. Yeah, I'm done.

And now, in the how-the-heck-is-Tom-Quinn-still-employed-by-the-Giants section, I'm proposing an idea. Maybe one of these Tom Quinns can replace that Tom Quinn. Would Tom Coughlin or anyone else know the difference, and couldn't they not do any worse?

Tom Quinn
Prospective graduate students may contact this person about availability as a faculty advisor. My general interest is in fish behavior and ecology, particularly migratory behavior, habitat requirements, and spawning behavior. My research blends a variety of field techniques including tagging, telemetry and direct observations, with appropriate laboratory experiments

Tom Quinn's Home Page
Tom is a professor in the Department of Astronomy at the University of Washington in Seattle. Tom leads the N-Body Shop, where he works on running and analyzing N-body simulations of structure formation in the Universe.

Tom Quinn - LinkedIn
Founder/Partner at LEADERS Professional Recruiting, Inc. PastEmployment Manager at Tenneco Captain at US Army Infantry officer at U.S. Army

WCMI FM 92.7 98.5 Rock Radio "The Planet" Huntington, WV / Ashland, KY / Ironton, OH
Tom Quinn, who is the David Gilmour of the Pink Floyd Experience, checked in with Nate before their third show at the Big Sandy Superstore Arena. Nate and Tom talked about Floyd, the Experience, what music the Pink Floyd Experience listens to during their free time, and more!

Tom Quinn (Spooks) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Tom Quinn is a fictional character from the BBC espionage television series Spooks, which follows the exploits of Section D, a counter-terrorism division in MI5.....The primary protagonist during the first two series, Tom is the head of Section D. The character made his last appearance in the second episode of the third series; he was decommissioned as a result of sabotaging an operation.

This last one is not even a real person. Hmmmm. Maybe our guy isn't either. Maybe he's a coach for the Eagles masquerading as a guy named Tom Quinn. Whatever, our Tom Quinn is still employed nineteen days after the Giants' season ended. I don't know about you guys, but I want to read Quinn's performance evaluation. With that, I bid you all a happy weekend, and try to enjoy the games on Sunday....