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Antrel Rolle: 'My Words Were Never Intended To Hurt Anyone'

In an exclusive interview with Inside Football's Pat Traina, New York Giants safety Antrel Rolle has tried to clarify his recent remarks on WQAM radio that coach Tom Coughlin is "too uptight."

"Coach Coughlin is my guy, and I’m his guy," Rolle said. "Every time and in every interview I’ve done, they ask me should Coach Coughlin keep his job, and I’ve backed him 200% every time."

"You know I’m not a politically correct guy. I don’t say things that people expect me to say; I say things that are from my heart. Coach Coughlin is a great guy, he’s a great coach, and when they asked me if he was losing this team, I told them there’s no way."

Here is just a little more from Pat's interview with Rolle.

"My words were never intended to hurt anyone, put down the organization, or hurt Coach Coughlin," he said. "My words were what they were, and they were twisted to where it seemed like it was pointed at someone when in fact it wasn’t intended that way.

"I will apologize for the way things have been blown up and the way things have been put out there," he said. "The only person I really blame is myself because if there’s nothing said, there can be no words twisted and no huge blowup over something that wasn’t intended to be negative."

'Kudos' to Pat for a job well done here. Go read the rest of Rolle's remarks over at her site.

My take on this is that I am glad to see that Rolle is taking responsibility here. As a player on the field and as a charasmatic personality and leader off of it, Rolle has a lot to offer the Giants. Learning not to let his mouth get in the way of all of that can only help.