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Giants 17, Redskins 14: Well, That's A Wrap

The New York Giants did what they had to do Sunday, holding off the Washington Redskins for a 17-14 victory. The Green Bay Packers, though, didn't cooperate, outslugging the Chicago Bears, 10-3, to shut the Giants out of the playoffs.

So, despite winning 10 games the Giants are done for the second consecutive season. Now, we just wait for whatever the fallout is going to be. And there is certain to be some.

Sunday's victory over Washington was, in many ways, a microcosm of the season. It was a game the Giants had control of but could not put away. They allowed a huge 64-yard pass play late in the game, and could not get anything done on the ground in the second half.

But, they managed to force four turnovers and got just enough offense in the second half from Eli Manning and the passing game to hang on.

So, now we begin the off-season debate. Who stays? Who goes? What positions to go after in the draft? It is an off-season that is starting way before its time.