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Justin Tuck Will Deal With Antrel Rolle

There are some New York Giants fans who would like to see someone inside the team's locker room grab Antrel Rolle, slam him up against a wall and tell him to shut the heck up. You can count me in that category, to be honest.

Justin Tuck won't do that, but it sounds like the Giants defensive captain wasn't thrilled when Rolle went public this week with his thoughts that coach Tom Coughlin is "too uptight."

"I haven’t talked to him yet, but it is on my agenda to call Antrel," Tuck explained to the Daily News. "When I do, I will make a statement."

Good for Tuck. This is his defense, and he is the guy who should handle this. Rolle is a loose cannon. A good player, maybe not as good as he thinks he is, though. From where I sit the more Rolle talks the more dangerous he is to the Giants locker room. Coughlin is going to be the coach, and the fact is that whether it is TC or someone else not everyone in the locker room will love the guy. Rolle needs to make peace with it, be quiet and get better at his job.

Below, by the way, is a very cool 'Lunch With the Ledger' video featuring Giants beat writer Mike Garafolo and other Star-Ledger writers. Rolle, Tom Coughlin and Rex Ryan were the main subjects of conversation.