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New York Giants Notes: Looks Like Perry is Staying Edition

So it's official. Well, not quite official yet, but Perry Fewell has interviewed three times (and was out of the running for the SF job before he could interview) and came up short three times as the Denver Broncos hired former Panthers' head coach (and former Giants' defensive coordinator) John Fox yesterday. I think we all feel bad for Perry, but at the same time we and the Giants' brass have to feel good that Fewell will likely be back on the sidelines when the Giants resume play, hopefully in 2011 (I hate that we have to talk in "hopefullys," but for now we do with the current labor situation being what it is).

Hey, there is actual Giants' player news, but it isn't exactly the kind that makes you jump out of your seat. Here is what the team announced on Thursday:

The Giants today announced the signing of seven players to reserve/future contracts, increasing the number of players who have been added to the roster since the end of the season to 13. The players signed today are quarterback Ryan Perrilloux of Jacksonville State, defensive backs Joe Burnett of Central Florida and Cary Harris of USC, running back Martell Mallet of Arkansas-Pine Bluff, offensive lineman Ikechuku Ndukwe of Northwestern, defensive end Ayanga Okpokowuruk of Duke and wide receiver Todd Watkins of BYU.....The Giants had previously signed offensive lineman Jim Cordle, wide receiver Sam Giguere, defensive lineman Dwayne Hendricks, linebacker Kenny Ingram, running back Charles Scott and defensive back Woodny Turenne.

Former Giants linebacker Lawrence Taylor pleads guilty to sexual misconduct, patronizing a prostitute |
Former NFL star Lawrence Taylor pleaded guilty today to sexual misconduct and patronizing a prostitute, misdemeanor charges that carry no jail time but require him to register as a sex offender. The 51-year-old ex-linebacker, who led the Giants to Super Bowl titles in 1987 and 1991, will serve six years probation.

I really wish LT would stop turning up in the news this way. He's the greatest defensive player most of us have ever seen, but it's just hard to read this stuff.

Eagles coach Reid in critical career phase | Philadelphia Daily News | 01/13/2011
Nobody thought the Eagles were going to be winning any championships this season and they didn't. And nobody thinks Andy Reid is going to get fired anytime soon and they shouldn't. Organizationally, from Jeffrey Lurie to Joe Banner to Tom Heckert/Howie Roseman to Reid, a decision was made after things stalled following the 2004 trip to the Super Bowl. Starting in about 2007, the Eagles knew they had to turn over the roster. Many teams do that with explosives and begin anew. The Eagles decided to try to retool on the fly and to keep a good product on the field through the transition. In that, they have succeeded. But the transition is over. With that, the stakes grow higher for Reid

I guess this is life as a head coach in the NFL--in particular life as a coach in the NFC East.

NFL: Analyst: Reid is 'worst' at game management | Philadelphia Inquirer | 01/13/2011
Don't invite Mike Lombardi and Andy Reid to the same wing-eating contest. Lombardi, a longtime NFL executive who once worked in the Eagles' front office, and who now works as an NFL Network analyst, heavily criticized Reid's clock-management skills in a New York Times article Thursday.

Sorry, I can't stop posting heartwarming Eagles' stories. Nothing will ever make up for that December 19 game, but seeing them flame out last Sunday sure took some of the sting away.

Cheers for Green Bay's John Kuhn resound in Dover - The York Daily Record
Like many kids, Kuhn had dreams of playing professional football when he suited up as a youngster. "He was eight years old and playing rink ball, and he had a really good game and he looked up at me and said, 'You know what Dad? Someday I'm going to play in the NFL,' " Kuhn's father said. "I just gave him the fatherly nod of the head and said, 'Yeah, John, I'm sure you will.' That had been his dream since that day, and a lot of hard work and determination has paid off."

Speaking of heartwarming, this is a pretty cool story about the Packers' fullback from his hometown in Pennsylvania. It's not "Blind Side," but still pretty cool.

Steven Hirsch: A Letter To All New York Jets Fans
The world of sports is a truly unusual one. It is a world that while we have absolutely zero control over what happens, we are so beyond absorbed in the success of our favorite teams that it is almost as if our lives depend on it.

This was written from the point of view of a Giants/Mets fan, and while probably most of us want the Jets to lose this weekend, I printed it because that line above sort of embodies how most of us root for the Giants. I, for one, like it that way, because as bad as the lows can be, the highs can be even higher. Time to watch that 2007 DVD again!

And for those of you who appreciate how well Ahmad Bradshaw played this past season (and if you can overlook the fumble-itis), Bradshaw was nominated as a Vizio Top Value Performer, and you can cast your vote for him here.

I hope you guys enjoy the games this weekend, because this is one of the best NFL weekends of the year, as eight teams battle to reach their conference championship games. But I want to close with this YouTube clip, because I know we Giants' fans can all use a good laugh these days. My wife and I had NFL Network's "No Huddle" on Thursday night but were talking about something and not paying attention. We had to rewind it to see why Deion Sanders, Mike Mayock and Steve Mariucci were laughing so hard that they were crying. And it's not so much what Joe Theismann said, as much as it is the reaction to it that will make you laugh as well.

Have a great weekend fellas.