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New York Giants Notes: Remember To Vote

I started this week asking you guys to vote on the Big Blue View New York Giants Player of the Year. If you have not yet done so, you still can. So, please do. As a little incentive I'm working with the Giants to try and get us an exclusive interview with the winner.

Here is another question for you today. Who would be your Least Valuable Player? Not somebody who spent the entire season on IR, or only showed up for a week or two. Who is the Least Valuable Player who spent a good portion of the season on the 53-man roster?

Here are my nominees: Darius Reynaud, Duke Calhoun, Clint Sintim, Gerris Wilkinson, Matt Dodge, Phillip Dillard. I am not putting up a poll on this one, I'm just curious to see what names you guys throw into the mix.

Boss' hip surgery 'went well' | New York Daily News
Kevin Boss battled a hip injury for much of the season, and he had surgery to hopefully correct the problem earlier today.

One day after his 27th birthday, Boss underwent what a source familiar with his situation called a "minor" arthroscopic procedure to correct the lingering issue. When it was over, Boss said via Twitter that the "surgery went very well."

Report: Browns could have new coach by Thursday | ProFootballTalk
The Browns' head coaching search appears to be nearing a conclusion. Peter King of NBC and Sports Illustrated is "hearing" that the team could have a new head coach in place by Thursday, and Rams offensive coordinator Pat Shurmur has been the favorite for the position all along.

Ten things to know right now about the labor situation | ProFootballTalk
With the labor deal between the league and the players' union expiring at the moment the clock strikes midnight on March 4, we've been getting more and more questions about what will happen if the bell tolls without a new agreement.