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New York Giants Notes: Fewell Running Out Of Options

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Here is a Tuesday morning look at some stories of interest to New York Giants fans.

The big story with the Giants right now is the status of defensive coordinator Perry Fewell. He interviews in Cleveland today for the Browns head-coaching job, but it looks increasingly like Fewell is going to have to wait for his shot at an NFL top job.

Evaluating Eli Manning at 30: You'll Miss Him When He's Gone -
Eli Manning turned 30 on Monday. In the ongoing debate, comparing him favorably to one of his now-beloved predecessors, Phil Simms, is to evoke an emotional response usually along the lines of "you're crazy." Evaluating their relative strengths and weaknesses in playing the position would make for an interesting discussion. When it comes to their achievements, however, Manning's far surpass those of Simms at a comparable age, and it's not even close.

Eli Manning seems destined, like Simms, to be fully appreciated only retrospectively. The Bills are still trying to replace Jim Kelly 14 years after he played his final game. With all due respect to Jay Fiedler and Jeff Garcia, the same holds true for the Dolphins and Dan Marino and the 49ers and Steve Young. Those guys are hard to find.

Many fans have been down on Manning for years. Someday, the Giants will have to replace him. Perhaps only then, when they witness what is likely to follow, will they finally embrace him. By that time, of course, many of them will probably be saying that they supported him all along.

This. Yes, why didn't I write this? Eli Manning is not Joe Montana, Tom Brady or his brother. He is, however, a franchise quarterback who has already shown he can win when it counts most. We will miss him when he's gone, whether you want to admit that or not.

Sinorice Moss signs with Eagles - Giants Blog - ESPN New York
Former Giants wide receiver Sinorice Moss signed a reserve/future contract with the Philadelphia Eagles, according to the team. Moss, the Giants' 2006 second-round pick, was waived off the Giants' injured reserve list earlier in the season. He was placed on IR at the end of August due to a sports hernia.

Here are a few other stories of interest around the NFL ...

12 Years, No Super Bowl Ring, Heartbreak Every Year: Is It Time to Finally Get Rid of Eagles Head Coach Andy Reid? | Eagles Central

12 seasons. Nine postseason appearances. Six division titles. Five conference championship game appearances, And one Super Bowl appearance.

And I’m suggesting that the Eagles get rid of the guy?


Amazing! Obviously, New York fans aren't the only ones who go a little nuts when their team loses. Our man Mike was telling me that Reid was absolutely getting killed on Philly talk radio Monday. The guy, much like Tom Coughlin, is a terrific coach most any team would love to have.

Andy Reid on Philadelphia Eagles' starting QB in '11: 'We'll see' - ESPN
Michael Vick is set to become a free agent, and there are no guarantees he'll be back with the Eagles.

Tennessee Titans' Vince Young would be good fit for several NFL teams | | The Tennessean
Titans writer John Glennon examines some of the potential destinations for Vince Young next season.

Lynch's TD run had seismic impact around Seattle stadium - NFL - Football
John Vidale didn't get to see Seattle's upset of New Orleans in the first round of the NFL playoffs live, so he turned to the Internet to watch highlights later that night.

Turns out, Lynch's TD shook Qwest Field and the ground around the stadium -- literally.

Vidale said a seismic monitoring station located about 100 yards west of the stadium registered seismic activity during Lynch's run. The shaking was most intense during a 30-second stretch about the time Lynch broke free from the line of scrimmage, finished off his touchdown and celebrated in the end zone with his teammates.

After that, Vidale said, the shaking died down, but it took about a minute for the shaking to completely fade away.

This was the first time Vidale has taken a look at the monitoring station near the stadium. He said the station that picked up the tremors is mostly concerned with monitoring the two-level viaduct highway that runs along the Seattle waterfront and the seawall.

49ers tight end Vernon Davis: I don't miss Mike Singletary - NFL - Sporting News

San Francisco tight end Vernon Davis continues to rail on 49ers former coach Mike Singletary, as he was most recently video taped by expressing his true thoughts.

Davis, when asked if he missed Singletary, responded: "No I don’t miss Singletary. … I don’t miss Singletary right now.

"I think we did play tight. Guys were a little scared. They were more worried about coach Singletary getting on them than playing football," Davis said.