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New York Giants Notes: Eagles Lose Edition

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It almost doesn't matter what happened in the other three games. Actually not almost. It really, really doesn't matter what happened in the other three games that saw the Seahawks (really?), Jets and Ravens advance to play next week. The one we all cared about was Packers/Eagles, and the Eagles lost in heartbreaking fashion on Sunday to Green Bay, sending the Eagles to their couches along with our New York Giants. It's a pretty nice consolation prize, isn't it? Here is more on that game as well as on other news as it relates to Big Blue.

Well, first I'm going to subject you to one more "8 minutes, what if?" articles. After that, I'm done talking about it until next season. It happened, we have to live with it forever, and the only thing that'll wash it away is beating the crap out of the Eagles twice next season. Actually the article talks about a few other games the Giants let get away.

Giants' Fewell the favorite in Carolina? - Scoop Du Jour - NFL - Yahoo! Sports
Word out of Charlotte is that New York Giants defensive coordinator Perry Fewell is a "very strong candidate" and "perhaps the favorite," the New York Post reports. He met with Panthers executives Thursday to discuss the job.

Fewell would love to coach Broncos - Giants Blog - ESPN New York
Fewell was not trying to slight his current employer, the New York Giants, in any way. But as Fewell has said earlier in the season, he clearly wants a shot to coach his own team.

Who can blame him? And at this point, with so many teams interviewing and strongly interested in Fewell, it's hard to imagine him not receiving a job offer. Good for him, not so good for us. But that makes me ponder this does Tom Quinn still have a job today?

And now, I give to you, some feel-good stories.....

Without McNabb, finger pointing more complex | Philadelphia Inquirer | 01/10/2011
Well, maybe it wasn't entirely Donovan's fault, after all. Following Sunday's flat 21-16 dismissal in the wild-card round of the playoffs - the first time the Eagles have lost at home in the opening round in 20 years - there will have to be a major search for a fresh spot to place the blame.

Vick, Eagles fail in the clutch | Philadelphia Inquirer | 01/10/2011
The ball was in the air. It carried the hopes of Eagles fans that this, finally and at last, would be the year it all came together for this team. It was thrown by Michael Vick, the man who, more than any other, inspired those hopes. When the ball came down in the arms of Green Bay Packers defensive back Tramon Williams, those hopes were dead. An Eagles season unlike any other had ended pretty much like all the others of the Andy Reid era. The mountaintop - a Super Bowl title - was in view, but not attainable. For the second year in a row, the Eagles were eliminated in the wild-card playoff round, 21-16.

Not much changed for Eagles, from Green Bay to Green Bay | Philadelphia Daily News | 01/10/2011
OK, NOW WHAT? Yesterday, the Eagles ended the season the same way that it began - with a loss to the Green Bay Packers at Lincoln Financial Field. In between the opener in September and the 21-16 loss in the wild-card round of the playoffs, so many unpredictable things have happened it's hard to get a solid read on what this team is and what it should do moving forward. I'm not sure if the Eagles don't have just as many questions today as they did when they lost to Green Bay in September.

'I let down the team,' says Akers of missed field goals | Philadelphia Daily News | 01/10/2011
KNOW THESE things, if David Akers never again kicks for the Eagles. Last night, he flew blind. And on his second miss, he slipped. The Eagles lost their wild-card playoff game to the visiting Packers by five points, 21-16. Akers missed a field goal from 41 yards in the first quarter. He missed from 34 yards in the fourth quarter. Both went wide right. Field goals count for three points each. Do the math.

Look, I don't want to gloat, because the Eagles seem to have some sort of hex on us, but it sure feels good to know that they have their own problems and keep coming up short in big games. Speaking of not gloating....

Harry Carson's Giant Tackles -
When he was still playing in the NFL, Harry Carson made it clear: He meant business on the field. The New York Giants linebacker wasn't interested in the glitz. He focused on the job: Stop the run. When he did, Carson followed another personal rule: Don't gloat.

Man, could we use a guy like that to clog up the middle again or what?

Letters: Those who heckled Giants aren't true fans | | Appleton Post Crescent
To the Appleton people that heckled the New York Giants players coming and going from the Paper Valley Hotel: What kind of fans are you? Imagine if our beloved Packers got a whooping like we gave them Dec. 26 and they do this to our team, we'd be writing the New York newspapers letting them know how terrible we think their fans are. We're much better fans than that and you should be ashamed. On the other side, think of the extra dollars that were spent in our downtown Appleton.

Yeah, what he said! You mean you guys heckled Matt Dodge after he bought an "I Love Appleton" t-shirt? Shame on you. Ha! That was really pretty funny seeing this letter come across in a Google alert and I had to share it.

Have a great week, folks. I know it sucks for those of you in the tri-state area hearing about how great Rex Ryan and the Jets are. But hang in there, they probably won't be this happy next Monday.