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New York Giants Notes: Jay Alford An Oakland Raider

Former New York Giants defensive tackle Jay Alford, released last week, has signed with the Oakland Raiders. With deposed Giants defensive line coach Mike Waufle in Oakland now we should have seen this one coming. Oakland or St. Louis, where Steve Spagnuolo is head coach, were the likely landing spots for Alford.

I wish the guy well. Too bad, but there just wasn't room for him here with the Giants.

Now that he is definitely part of the starting unit, you can expect veteran linebacker Keith Bulluck to be much more vocal.

"I've been myself to the best of my ability but I've definitely been a little quieter . . . maybe a lot quieter," Bulluck said. "It's just a matter of getting comfortable. You're not just gonna come in somewhere and just start doing the things I do up top. You got to kind of learn the lay of the land.

"But it's about that time. I think I'm comfortable and the more football I play and the more involved I get, I'm coming out of my shell slowly but surely."

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