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New York Giants' Notes: Is Jacobs Really 'Happy'?

A week ago, New York Giants running back Brandon Jacobs was obviously ticked off after getting zero carries in the preseason finale against New England. Now, Jacobs tells Mike Garafolo that he is a happy camper.

"I’m happy," the Giants’ leading rusher over the past three seasons said. "People get different things confused through words. That’s not the case. The case is I’m here to win football games and ride it on out with my teammates. "People get things mixed up and make big deals out of everything that’s not even really what it is."

Sure, Brandon. Sure It is kind of hard to get it mixed up when you call the NFL a "cutthroat, backstabbing business."

Jacobs can say he's happy. This situation bears watching, though, especially if Jacobs -- as seems likely -- loses carries to Ahmad Bradshaw this season.

Center Shaun O'Hara returned to practice Monday, but admitted his ankle injury will linger throughout the season.

"I think we're going to have to monitor it," O'Hara said. "It's not going to be something that is miraculously going to be gone."

This, unfortunately, sounds like one of those deals where O'Hara will end up practicing on a limited basis much of the season. Question is, how much will he be affected on game days. And can he make 16 games? I am not liking this at all.

Speaking of injured players, coach Tom Coughlin gave the rundown on injured guys during his Monday meeting with reporters. He said he is not sure that cornerbacks Aaron Ross (foot) and Corey Webster (groin) will practice Wednesday.

Ugh! I'm really not looking forward to watching a full game this weekend of Bruce Johnson starting and D.J. Johnson playing as the nickel back. If that happens, Perry Fewell had better find a way to dial up a big-time pass rush.

Darius Reynaud, the Giants new kick returner, said he had a premonition before Friday's trade that he would wind up wearing a New York uniform.

"I kid you not, me and my wife were talking after the Denver game on Thursday. I said I had a good feeling that I'd be going to New York. I didn't know which team, but just New York," Reynaud said. "On Friday, they called me and told me I was traded to the Giants. I was kind of surprised, but I had a good feeling. I have no clue. My wife says to this day, ‘I don't know why you were thinking about that and how this came about.' I had a good feeling."

New Giants backup quarterback Sage Rosenfels prasied Reynaud's return skills.

"He is very talented. My first season there last year, he was a receiver and he was more of a slot receiver. He is very strong, quick, and a very powerful player. When Percy Harvin took that role when they drafted him, they decided to shift him to tailback. They were looking for sort of a third down back this year because they lost Chester Taylor to free agency. He did a pretty good job of that," Rosenfels said. "He does a very good job with the ball in his hands. I thought as a punt returner that he was one of the better ones since I had been in the league last year. It was very surprising to me that the team let him go because we got a lot of great drive starts last year because of his punt returns. I think he did some kickoff returns also. He's one of those players who may not fit a mold for an exact position, but he's a football player and an exciting kid to watch."

I am looking forward to seeing what this guy can do. I think he could end up as a difference-maker for the Giants.

Speaking of Rosenfels, he had a great explanation for his approach to being a backup quarterback.

"Everyone has a different seat on the bus, and sometimes you sit in the front, other times you sit in the back. When you sit in the front, you do the best job that you can," Rosenfels said. "When you sit in the back, you take that role with a lot of class. I'm going to do what's best for this team."

Last word on the Rosenfels-Reynaud trade. I absolutely do not understand those of you who are critical of this trade. Is Rosenfels an All-Pro? No. He is, though, an experienced backup quarterback, and probably better able than the untried Rhett Bomar to step in and help the Giants win a couple of games if need be. Adding Reynaud, though, is something could have a huge impact on the sub-par return game.

You never know for sure how things like this work out, but I think you have to applaud GM Jerry Reese for what he did. I feel a lot better about the Giants roster with those two guys than I would have without them.

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