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Darius Reynaud, 09.06.10

Q: How'd you find out that you were coming here?
A: Friday night, during the first day of cuts, Rick Spielman from the Vikings called and said I had been traded to the Giants. It happened so fast that I'm still in shock.

Q: What'd you think immediately?
A: I didn't know anything. I got the phone call, and they said they'll fly me up the next day, and here I am.

Q: What have they told you that they want from you here?
A: Mainly special teams, punt return and kick return. They gave me a good look at the receiving end.

Q: Are you a receiver or a running back?
A: Anything they want me to play, I'll play it.

Q: How quickly do you have to get into what the Giants do on special teams?
A: Right away. It's totally different from what we are doing in Minnesota. The schemes are totally different. As soon as I got here, they gave me this book, and I've been right at it ever since.

Q: Do you have more experience as a punt returner?
A: Yeah. I can do kick returns, but if you miss the first guy in punt returns then it's off to the races. I'm more comfortable doing that than kick returns.

Q: What'd you do at West Virginia?
A: I didn't do punt returns. I did mainly kick returns. When I got to Minnesota, they tried me at punt returns and I was good at it. Everything went well after that.

Q: Do you think you had a good spot on the team in Minnesota?
A: I thought I was good. I had a great preseason, all four games. I wasn't worried about anything until I got that phone call on Friday night when I was traded.

Q: Is it tough to leave? Good feeling to be wanted?
A: Being there two years, I got adjusted to the players and the coaches. My family was out there, my wife and my daughter. She was supposed to start school on Tuesday, so we had to adjust to that. As long as I'm still playing football, it's all good.

Q: Are they staying up there?
A: No, they're coming down here immediately.

Q: How much were you at the mercy of Percy Harvin's health?
A: If anything ever happened to Percy, I was his backup. I did punt returns, kick returns, anything they needed me to do.

Q: The Giants needed help on special teams, and then they go out and get a guy like you. There must be a lot of pressure on a guy like you coming in:
A: I kid you not, me and my wife were talking after the Denver game on Thursday. I said I had a good feeling that I'd be going to New York. I didn't know which team, but just New York. On Friday, they called me and told me I was traded to the Giants. I was kind of surprised, but I had a good feeling. I have no clue. My wife says to this day, ‘I don't know why you were thinking about that and how this came about.' I had a good feeling.

Q: How much do you think you can contribute on offense?
A: A lot. It depends on how quick I can pick up the playbook. I've been reading it the past two days, so I'm picking it up really good right now.

Q: Do you think there is a shot that you get in at wide receiver Sunday?
A: Hopefully. It depends how fast I pick up everything.

Q: Could you be a third down back?
A: That's what they were going to do in Minnesota. Things weren't looking good with some of the guys they had there, and I was looking good in training camp and preseason. That's what my/their main goal was up there, third down back.