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Tom Coughlin, 09.06.10

Good Morning. Nice to be here. Beautiful day. It's nice to get the team on the field, to get them all together, and to get the details worked out about scout squad, and so on and so forth. We got the practice squad guys integrated, do a few things like that, just a little light workout. I have some administrative meetings here very shortly, and we move into tomorrow where there is just training room. Then, we're back Wednesday ready to go.

Q: Are you pretty set with this as your 53-man roster and 8-man practice squad?
A: This week it's 53, who knows after that?

Q: Where's Aaron Ross in his rehab?
A: He's getting better. The reports are good. They have some things they have to try and work out with him, in terms of his comfort level with the shoe. He's getting there.

Q: Expect him out on Wednesday?
A: I have no idea. We'll see.

Q: Is Shaun O'Hara good to go?
A: He worked today. We'll see what he's like tomorrow.

Q: Is Sage Rosenfels going to hold?
A: He's got to be ready. He's not the holder, but every one of these positions has to be backed up. He's the backup holder.

Q: One of the most interesting roster decisions you made was carrying two tight ends and not an obvious blocking tight end. Is that a concern?
A: Well, it is. Through the course of training camp, you have to shape your 53. When you go ahead and line up where you are and what your needs are, the numbers you need to have to go through the season. We just felt that right now, that's where we are. As you can see, there are two practice squad tight ends that are just an up-down away. Right now, they're our two guys. What's really important for us is if (Travis) Beckum can practice and stay out there. That's a big factor right now.

Q: You have some of your backup linemen working at tight end?
A: We have guys who can do that.

Q: Assuming Beckum is okay, does that change how you approach the offense at all?
A: No.

Q: Is Darius Reynaud is a running back?
A: He is a receiver. He will take snaps as a receiver.

Q: Not as a running back?
A: No. Not unless we need him as a running back. He's played both.

Q: Is he the top guy at both return spots?
A: He is the punt returner for sure, and we'll see.

Q: The Andre Brown cut was a tough one:
A: Very tough, very tough. Same thing. It's a numbers thing and decisions have to be made with regard to numbers. We knew in more than one spot that there is risk involved. Unfortunately, Andre was claimed and we just wish him well, that's all. Decisions have to be made, and people always ask about whether it's tough, and yeah, it's tough. It better be. You hope it's tough. It better be tough.

Q: Was this cut day across the board one of the tougher ones for you?
A: You had to sit down and evaluate over the course of the preseason. It was tough in regard to some people, no doubt.

Q: Is Corey Webster's injury something that might linger?
A: We'll see.

Q: Pulled groin?
A: Got to have him back come Wednesday.

Q: He had it wrapped during the Pittsburgh game, was it something that has been going on for a while?
A: I think so.

Q: Any change with Phillip Dillard's hamstring?
A: No. Doesn't appear to be.