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Darius Reynaud, A Vikings Perspective

<strong>Darius Reynaud</strong>.  (Photo by Chris McGrath/Getty Images)
Darius Reynaud. (Photo by Chris McGrath/Getty Images)
Getty Images

You guys seem more fired up about the New York Giants' acquisition of kick return specialist Darius Reynaud from Minnesota than you do about the arrival of Sage Rosenfels as backup quarterback. I happen to agree, since you need a kick returner in every game, the Giants did not have one, and Reynaud has shown to be a good in two seasons with the Vikings.

I know why the Vikings parted with Rosenfels, but I was really curious why they were willing to gave Reynaud to the Giants. So, I reached to the fine folks over at SB Nation's Vikings website, The Daily Norseman. Christopher Gates, head honcho at the Norseman, sent me the following response:

"I honestly think that the Vikings tried to find a spot for Reynaud any way that they could, but he just didn't distinguish himself in the way he needed to to secure a roster spot. In his first two years with the Vikings, he was listed as a WR, though he didn't actually have any catches during the regular season, and was shifted to running back this year when it appeared that the Vikings' WR depth chart was getting crowded.

"Reynaud is a pretty good return man . . .his main issue is staying healthy, and he's had a case of the fumbles more than once. If he can stay healthy, he'll be a very good return man for the Giants. He's missed games in both of his first two seasons with injuries, but he's very fast and has good moves in the open field. I guess he was just the odd man out of the running back battle that was taking place in Minnesota."

By the way, lots of the commenters at 'Norsemen' are not too happy about losing Reynaud.