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Tiki Talks More About Tom

I know some of you guys are going to get ticked off simply by the topic. I always cringe at the mention of his name. But, Tiki Barber spoke this morning about being added to the Giants Ring Of Honor and, of course, more about Tom Coughlin.

Paul Schwartz just posted a fascinating series of tweets listing Barber's comments. They are after the jump. Try not to get all annoyed just by the mention of Tiki's name. I have my issues with much of what Tiki has said and done in the past, but this is a Tiki who seems much more conciliatory toward Coughlin than in the past.

  • Tiki on his harsh words about Giants: "It's part of being someone who is very honest.'' Said he's "never meaning to be controversial.''
  • Tiki on Coughlin: "Tom is a great coach, we all know that.'' Says TC has to rely on leaders to convey his message.
  • Tiki on Giants: "I think they're very talented. They're not losing for lack of talent.'' Blames execution.
  • Tiki on Coughlin at a crisis point: "He's at a crisis because the perception is he's lost the team.'' In NY "perception becomes reality.''
  • Tiki says past problems with TC was all based on "how you treat people.'' Says "biggest evolution is how he's respected his players.''
Take them for what they are worth. Thing is, for as often as I have ripped Tiki the past couple of seasons, I can't disagree with much of what he said here. Now, let's just see how much he gets booed Sunday night.