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Coughlin Calls Thursday 'Good Performance'

Here are a few major points from Tom Coughlin's press conference today. (Full transcript)

  • The status of several injured players -- Andre Brown, Shaun O'Hara, Aaron Ross and Phillip Dillard -- for the season opener vs. Carolina is undetermined.
  • D.J. Ware, who has not returned any kickoffs in preseason, could wind up as the return man Week 1. I guess that would shoot down my thought that Ware is not making the roster.
  • The door is not closed on bringing in another quarterback, but Coughlin seems happy with Rhett Bomar's progress, saying he has "been impressive in the way in which he has improved."
  • Coughlin was surprised by Brandon Jacobs' post-game comments to ESPN, and has addressed them with him. Coughlin said "We have always been a multiple running back situation. Nothing has changed."