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Bettis Again Touting Cowher To Replace Coughlin

Former Pittsburgh Steeler running back a current NFL analyst Jerome Bettis is again joining the chorus of those saying Bill Cowher could be headed to the New York Giants to replace Tom Coughlin.

Here is Bettis, writing Monday in his column on

I expect Bill Cowher to be coaching again very soon. I can tell Coach Cowher misses the game. He did the right thing leaving three years ago to spend time with his family and should be commended for it. The situation is right for him to come back. He's a Hall of Fame coach, just 53, and could have a number of openings to choose from.

Could he enter a rebuilding situation? Yes, but with prerequisites. He needs a proven quarterback, and because of that I look at Eli Manning and the Giants. If that team keeps heading in its current direction, a coaching change is going to be imminent. Some people point to Dallas as a possibility for Cowher, but I'm not so sure. Coach Cowher is very used to a certain type of ownership. The Rooney family provided him leeway in Pittsburgh and let him handle football decisions. I don't see Coach Cowher and Jerry Jones being on the same page.

Bettis has beaten this drum before. Nothing is 'imminent,' unless by imminent Bettis means possibly next season. Nothing is happening during the season, nor should it. Yes, the Giants are 4-10 in their last 14 games. Coughlin, though, has had enough success in his career -- and with this franchise -- that he deserves the opportunity to get this right.