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New York Giants Notes: Ring Of Honor To Be Created

The New York Giants 1-2 start has generated plenty of concern, and plenty of reading material. Here is a look at some of the Giants-related stories floating around the Inter-Google today.

The Ring is new thing for Giants' legends
Phil Simms, Michael Strahan, Tiki Barber, Frank Gifford, Pete Gogolak and Bill Parcells will join 24 other legends from Giants’ history in the team’s new Ring of Honor on Sunday night.

The team announced the first six of 30 "prominent men" in Giants history who will have their names placed in "The Ring" inside the team’s new, $1.7 billion stadium at halftime of the Giants game against the Bears on Sunday night. The names will be displayed in the end zones of the stadium at every Giants home game.

The Jets have their own version of the ring that’s on display when they play games at home.

"The Ring of Honor and a Hall of Fame are elements that have been discussed for quite some time," co-owner John Mara said. "For many years fans have asked us why we had neither, and our response always was that we would when either Giants Stadium undergoes a refurbishing or we have a new stadium. So it was important that we have one or the other in our new building, and it has worked out that we now have both a Ring of Honor and a Legacy Club to recognize the great players and coaches and others who have made our organization what it is."

My take: Since the Jets did this way back in the preseason, you had to know it was only a matter of time before the Giants reciprocated. Hopefully, the Giants put forth an effort worthy of these guys Sunday against Chicago.

New York Jets' reputation as troublemakers in the media masks Tom Coughlin's problems with Giants
There's a new, very potent, element Tom Coughlin has going for him: the media's perception of the Jets. That Gang Green is a renegade organization led by a blowhard coach.

My take: Considering all the bluster Monday about How TC's job was in jeopardy, I'm not buying this 'Coughlin is getting a pass' malarky.

McKenzie Sorry For Penalties In Giants Loss " CBS New York- News, Sports, Weather, Traffic and the Best of NY
A day after getting benched, Giants tackle Kareem McKenzie described his behavior in a loss to Tennessee as "despicable."

A solemn and contrite Kareem McKenzie stood in front of his locker at New York’s training facility Monday and spoke frankly about his two personal foul penalties. McKenzie met with coach Tom Coughlin in the morning to discuss getting called for the penalties during the Giants’ sloppy 29-10 loss Sunday.

"I spoke with him and it was a conversation that needed to be had," the 10-year veteran said. "I have to exercise better judgment.

"The behavior I displayed was despicable and deserved that action. I have to learn from this experience and move on. I expressed myself in a manner that in no way, shape or form helped this team. I was not really thinking properly. That’s the basis of it." Rolle On Coughlin: He's The Right Guy
"Is Tom Coughlin the right man for the job?" [Antrel] Rolle said. "Absolutely. He’s a great coach. We have a great relationship. The team understands him. The team rallies behind him and he rallies behind the team. You know, we have to do our best as football players to make sure we get the job done. The coaches can only do so much. The coaches cannot go out there and play the game for us. The coach cannot go out there and make us keep our heads when we get in heated situations. The coach cannot go out there and stop us from [making] turnovers. The coach cannot go out there and execute the offense, the defense and the special teams the way it needs to be executed. So is he the right man for the job? Absolutely. There’s no doubt about it. But we need to rally behind him and make sure that we present and display on the field that he does have this team under control and that he is the right man for the job."

Giants can take solace in fact they're still alive in NFC East, but truth is they're a bad 1-2 team
Right now we're one game behind in the NFC East," quarterback Eli Manning said, standing in front of his locker Monday afternoon. "You can get hot. It's still early. There's a lot of football left."