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Shaun O'Hara's Ankle 'Continues To Give Him Trouble'

You want a little more bad New York Giants news on top of the bad news you have likely been reading all day? I know you don't, but that's what there is, anyway.

Well, Ralph Vacchiano says it looks like center Shaun O'Hara, who missed Sunday's game, is not getting any better. Right now, in fact, nobody seems to know if or when -- or how -- O'Hara's messed up ankle and achilles will get any better.

The 33-year-old Giants center has been bothered by tendonosis in his left Achilles since August, and it was bad enough last week that he was unable to practice. He also couldn’t play in the Giants’ 29-10 loss on Sunday to Tennessee.

Now there is some concern that his absence from the lineup may last even longer. According to a source familiar with his injury, O’Hara recently tried a platelet-rich plasma therapy injection - - the procedure where a doctor withdraws some of the athlete’s blood, spins it to isolate the platelets, and then injects them directly into the injured area. PRP is supposed to promote a body’s natural healing.

Unfortunately for O’Hara, it did not.

"They’ve tried it all," said the source, who requested anonymity. "It just continues to give him trouble. So now they’re just checking it out."

Asked about O'Hara today, head coach Tom Coughlin said "I'm not sure where this is going to lead."

It does not sound like it is leading anywhere good, and that is news Giants fans don't want to hear. The Giants can't afford losing a Pro Bowl caliber player like O'Hara long-term, even though Adam Koets played pretty well in his stead Sunday. The good news for O'Hara? You can't get flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct while you are in a boot on the sidelines? At least, you shouldn't be able to.