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Keith Bulluck, 09.22.10

Q: When you get ten years in with a team, were you hoping to play your entire career there?
A: Of course. I definitely did. I would have loved to stay in Tennessee and finished it out and played with the team that brought me into the NFL. Just being there, I know how that organization works, and no one finishes their career there. I was definitely prepared for that. In my situation, it sucks how I left because I did have an injury. The last time I left the field in a Tennessee Titans uniform, Brad Brown and Tom Mosley were helping me off the field.

Q: Have you heard from anyone yet this week over there?
A: I spoke to a couple people on Monday. It wasn't anything about the game.

Q: How strange will it seem being on the field against them?
A: It won't be strange at all. I practiced against those guys for about four or five years. They are used to me out there talking and running my mouth playing against them. Now, it counts for something and I'm looking forward to it. I know how hard these guys worked and how much the game means to them, and they know it means the same to me. This game will definitely be fun, and no holds-barred.

Q: Had you not gotten injured, do you think they would've re-signed you?
A: Even if I was healthy, I don't think I would've been back there. At the beginning of the year before the season started, they didn't sign me back. At the midway point, when I was playing good football, they didn't sign me back. I think the writing was on the wall, which is fine. It's definitely part of the game.

Q: You just have a certain shelf life when you're there?
A: Pretty much.

Q: How important is this game for the defense after last week?
A: I think it's very important just for the simple fact that we just faced the offensive MVP last week, and we're facing the runner up this week. They have two different styles. In this league, if you can't stop the run, you're not going to have a very successful season. This is a true test for this defense. We'll find out a lot about ourselves Sunday because they're definitely coming to run the ball with the best running back in the league.