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Brandon Jacobs, 09.22.10

Q: Is there peace with you and the Giants?
A: No question. There was always peace there. We went through it. We got it taken care of. We got it all out the way, and now it's time to go out and perform and win football games.

Q: Do you feel you're in the right frame of mind now to go out and do what you want to do?
A: No question about it. No question. I'm absolutely in the right frame of mind. First off, I want to start by saying to you guys (the media), the last month, they haven't been so pleasant dealing with me. I've been in a state of mind where I hated all you guys, and I apologize to each and every one of you for acting the way I've been acting the last month or so. Secondly, I want to apologize to my teammates for putting them in a position to answer these questions about me when they should be focusing on winning games. Our organization, for the same thing-for answering questions about me when they have other things that they have to focus on. And the Indianapolis Colts organization as well and their fans and our fans, for the incident that, again, I didn't mean for that to happen. I was angry. I should have never thrown the helmet to begin with, no matter where it went to. And a special apology to the fellow that caught it, I apologized to him and his family as well and everyone else who was in the area who could have been harmed. So those are my apologies, and I mean them 100 percent. Now get to Tennessee, man. That's all I want to talk about.

Q: How do you beat Tennessee?
A: Well, you know they're a fast football team. They are fast, and they are physical. They're sort of like the guys we just faced. It's going to be a tough challenge for us to come out and to prepare for those guys. Coach is going to put us in position where we get everything right and go over everything during the week and hopefully in the game things play out good for us.

Q: Can you use your energy and channel it on the field so that you can be positive and be productive?
A: Yeah. The thing about my energy, to do what I've been doing the last month is easy to do. It doesn't really take any energy, but the stuff I've got to go out on the field and perform is not as easy to use that same energy towards that, which I'm coming up on a point right now in my career where I have to go out and be absolutely the most productive that I can be when the opportunity comes. I'm a highly energetic guy, and I am ready to use it out on the turf.

Q: A lot of the guys were frustrated, what was the source of it? Just the fact that the team wasn't getting off to a good start and you were in the process of evolving? What's sort of the source of it?
A: Well, you know this whole thing and just to put this whole thing to bed, my issue was with this whole thing was the explanation of why all this happened. I didn't have one. I have one now. All this stuff is gone. All of it's done, and we're moving forward. So that's what it was that lit my dynamite is an explanation to what was going on.

Q: Thinking of moving forward, I'm sure you guys aren't happy with the running game. When you look at yourself, have you identified what's going on and is it something that you feel that you can fix moving forward?
A: Oh yeah. We've just got to get our heads on right and go up the field. We've got to kind of go at guys. We're a physical team. We're a physical bunch. We can go up and knock some guys off the ball, one or two guys here and there, and that's going to get us to start it the right way.

Q: Can you set the physical tone do you think?
A: Absolutely. I think that it's still there. I can get out and set the physical tone when opportunity is given. That's what I want to do. I want to get everybody jumping up right away so we can let these teams know that right off the bat that's what this whole game is going to be like. This will get ready, and the next team that's coming in the next week, it's going to be like that for them as well. So that's what I want to do. I want to send positive energy across to my football team.