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Tom Coughlin, 09.22.10

Tennessee comes in this weekend. They're a very good football team. A physical battle the other day between the Steelers and the Titans, lots of turnovers. I'm sure both sides-Pittsburgh created some opportunities for themselves and took advantage of it. I'm sure Tennessee looks at it the other way. A talented team, a physical team, an exceptional runner and quarterback, who can both run and throw. A defensive team rated No. 1 in the league right now in both run and pass. Outstanding kicking game. Good, young returner. So a good football team.

Q: Are you anxious to see how your team bounces back and responds to adversity?
A: I think we will. I'm looking forward to that. We lost a game the other day and didn't play as well as we think we should. Move on. That one's behind us. We've got to move on. Learn from it, but move on.

Q: There were some messages that the running backs weren't satisfied.
A: We're not too satisfied either.

Q: Can you identify some of the problems and are they correctable?
A: They're correctable. Yes, they are. Yes, they are.

Q: You met with Brandon Jacobs on Monday. Will there be any issues going forward or is that all behind you?
A: Well, I hope so because whatever the questions were, (they) were answered specifically. Again, the discussion led to some of the other areas-just the professionalism in terms of meeting with the media and that type of thing. So I'm hoping that the lesson learned from last weekend as well as the incident with the helmet, I'm hoping that Brandon can grasp the importance of keeping your poise, keeping your cool, that type of thing.

Q: Were you disappointed with what Antrel Rolle said yesterday?
A: Antrel and I had a conversation yesterday afternoon as well. I think that, although the conversation remains private, it was a good conversation and I think he understands better the circumstance.

Q: Do you know what he meant by "too controlling?"
A: I'm not going to talk about the conversation.

Q: Was there any point to what he had to say about a lack of leadership?
A: What this year's captains have done is really done an outstanding job of trying to be good leaders. When the game is on, we're all involved in our jobs so exactly what's taken place there. But there is strength and leadership in all three of our captains, and I count on those guys to be the communicators with our team. And I'm sure as the relationships get stronger between the new guys that are here, etc., the guys that have been here, then I think some of those things can be worked out.

Q: The leadership council in the past was pointed to as a big thing. You didn't do that this year.
A: Well, I'm relying on the captains right now to communicate with the players, and then the captains and I will meet.

Q: Do you feel like that's the best way to communicate internally?
A: At this point in time, I feel good about that. Unless if a guy wants it to be brought up by the captains or by me in one of our meetings, that would be fine. I did not feel that the leadership council a year ago was as effective as it's been in the past.

Q: What about what Antrel said about all the downtime? Do you think there's any validity to that?
A: I'm not commenting on the conversation that I had, but I think anyone knows that when you have a game at night there's a lot of time. There's a lot of time that you wait to play.

Q: I know you'd much rather talk about football than this stuff, but it's been awhile since we've questioned you on things like this. How do you get the players back to that and any reasons why all of a sudden these guys talk to the media and openly complain?
A: I really don't. I'm not sure. I think once the conversations have been accomplished between me and the players-it is well understood by everyone that whatever those issues are, they should be discussed internally.

Q: In a way, haven't you been looking for more leaders?
A: To do it the right way. Yes, we are always looking for guys who are strong and who will lend to the leadership process. You cannot do it just as a captain. You have to have an outstanding group around you. Before you can be a great leader, you've got to be a great follower. So yes, no question about that. However, it all has to be done in a very positive and good way.

Q: Do you think a guy like Rolle and Keith Bulluck in their situations have to sit back at first before they step up?
A: I think that you have a couple of different ways in which that is being accomplished. I think the personality of the individual is one thing, but however, I do give credit to those that make an attempt to do it. And first of all, it has to be done by example. It's done on the field. It's done in the classroom, etc., etc. Just proving a point that the only interest is the No. 1 interest in making our team the better team.

Q: In signing guys like them, what consideration is given to their off the field presence?
A: I think that there is consideration given to that, and I think once you have an opportunity to spend some time with the individual you can assess that as well.

Q: How do you think Keith has played?
A: I think Keith has played well in the role that he has had, and as he comes along he will play better. I think I saw some physicality the other night that I was looking forward to.

Q: What's the status of Kevin Boss?
A: He is ready to practice.

Q: Is he going to go fully?
A: Yes.

Q: What about some of the other guys, Phillip Dillard and Chase Blackburn?
A: Dillard is still being held out. Blackburn will run during the individual time with the trainers, and they will assess where he is, how far along he is.

Q: You said you might change some of the offensive line.
A: I didn't say that. You guys said it. We have a situation here with Shaun O'Hara out. We have seven guys that are on our active roster that are healthy. So those guys will be used to the best to their ability.

Q: You said Shaun O'Hara is out?
A: He is out for practice today, yes. We're going to try to look at that day by day. He's wearing a boot. He's trying to go back to where they were before.

Q: Is Shawn Andrews taking reps at guard?
A: Guard, tackle, running back.

Q: It's not either tackle or guard?
A: Well, a week ago we tried to introduce him to the tackle spot. Now quite frankly, we would like him to know the offense.

Q: With the offensive line options being so thin, is there any way you can adjust assignments or schemes?
A: Basically the group that plays has been here awhile, and they understand the schemes. With Shawn, who is a new guy trying to grasp the concepts, it is a little bit foreign to him. But he's made good progress.

Q: What's keeping Linval Joseph from playing on Sundays?
A: The 45. He is plenty good enough to play and dress and be a part of the team except the fact that's it very difficult and you have to plan for this. We kept nine defensive linemen and you keep them for a reason because as you get further and further into the season and have your bumps, etc., you find out that you need all the outstanding players you can have. I feel very badly for Linval. It hurts as a coach to have to tell a kid that he's not getting a suit, but you do have to stick to the 45 and you do have very serious special teams considerations. It's not just offense-defense. What the other considerations that you make after the starters is you have to have a special teams-make an impact on special teams.

Q: If last week was not a week where defensive tackles factored into the game, do you think they will this week?
A: More balance involved, sure.

Q: Have you thought about adding an offensive lineman to the active roster?
A: The difficulty is that, again, someone has to go to do it.

Q: Obviously most offensive tackles will get beat by a very quick pass rushing defense.
A: Occasionally. On the road, even more than normal, yes.

Q: Is that an issue you expect or anticipated?
A: We don't want to expect it, believe me. But there are other ways to help the tackle. However, referring to the other night, there are ways in which you can keep the help away. I'll leave it at that.

Q: Given that Kerry Collins relieved last weekend, and he is so different than Vince Young, as you go into practice this week, how much do you have to deal with the two-headed quarterback situation?
A: Well I think we prepare for Vince Young because, quite frankly, it's been stated that he would be the starter.

Q: How has he changed since you saw him in 2006?
A: He is much more in control of the game. He is much more poised. He is much more calm in the pocket. The ball comes out quicker.

Q: Will you stress to these guys to expect a comeback?
A: It's a 60-minute game. It'll be a four quarter game without a doubt.

Q: Are you going to make an effort to make sure that he's on the ground?
A: I knew that was coming. Let's not ask anymore about that play. I slept pretty good since then.

Q: What about Jeff Fisher? You've coached against him 18 times.
A: Coached against him a lot. I've been in Iraq with Jeff. Good friend. Good coach. He's been a representative of that franchise for a long time.

Q: Is Chris Johnson a one-of-a-kind talent?
A: He is unique, let's put it that way. I mean he is obviously extremely fast. He has two weeks with a 76-yarder and an 85-yarder. 85 was called back, but nevertheless.

Q: He also runs between the tackles.
A: Right. And he moves the pile.

Q: Who would you compare him to?
A: Chris Johnson.

Q: What about recently?
A: I'm not into apples and oranges.

Q: And what about your Johnson, Michael?
A: He won't practice either.

Q: Aaron Ross?
A: He's going to practice, yes.