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Tom Coughlin, Antrel Rolle Have 'Good Conversation'

You knew that New York Giants coach Tom Coughlin would be asked lots of questions today about Antrel Rolle, Brandon Jacobs and the locker room leadership of the Giants. As expected, he was.

Here are some of Coughlin's quotes, from Mike Garafolo.

On Rolle.

"Antrel and I had a conversation yesterday afternoon," said Coughlin, whose road-trip schedule and "control" of the players Rolle also questioned. "Although the conversation remains private, it was a good conversation and I think he understands better the circumstance."

On Jacobs.

"I’m hoping Brandon can grasp the importance of keeping your poise, keeping your cool, that type of thing."

On the locker room leaders.

"What this year’s captains have done is done an outstanding job of trying to be good leaders," Coughlin said of Eli Manning, Justin Tuck and Chase Blackburn. "When the game is on, we’re all involved in our jobs. … But there’s strength in leadership in all three of our captains and I count on those guys to be the communicators with our team. I’m sure as the relationships get stronger between the new guys and the guys that have been here, some of those things can be worked out."

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