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Kareem McKenzie, 09.20.10

Q: There's been talk of other teams voting for decertification and all that stuff. Did you take the vote today?
A: Did we take a vote today? Not an actual verbal vote, but we did discuss that option.

Q: Are you in favor of that?
A: I mean, it's one of the many options or one of the tools that we could use to go ahead and to force the issue, but of course that's something that we would not like to go ahead and enter into. We would like to go ahead and for all intents and purposes have a CBA on the table by hopefully November.

Q: Do you feel guys are now more on the same page after this meeting?
A: I would think so. I mean, that's one of the great things that (NFLPA director) DeMaurice (Smith) has done is to go ahead and make sure that everyone has all the information they need to make an informed decision.

Q: When will the vote be?
A: When will the vote be? We'll have to go ahead and wait and see what develops. I mean, of course that's not something that we would like to go ahead and take right now, but hopefully they'll come to some sort of agreement and have a CBA on the table before November.

Q: Some teams have already voted to decertify.
A: I guess so. I'm not sure. I haven't been given that information.

Q: Did the way the game went yesterday, the pace of it, that's actually what you guys didn't want to happen, right? Be in a position where you had to throw the ball.
A: I mean there were a lot of things that happened during the game of course that we would have liked to have gone differently, but it's week two of the NFL season. It's something that obviously was a wakeup call for all of us to go ahead and take the necessary steps to improve our game and to go ahead and take the next step to be a better football team overall.

Q: The way they rushed the passer, obviously it was a big challenge for the tackles.
A: Definitely. When you have a team like Indianapolis where they have a great pass defense and they go ahead and have that great offense out there and they get ahead and their home crowd gets going, it's a very tough environment to play in. It's something that you have to go ahead and obviously set up third-and-longs and make sure you keep pace with that offense.

Q: How close is the running game to finding itself because it seemed like there were times you would get the run and other times it just wasn't there?
A: That's something you'd have to talk to the coaches about because obviously I don't think it's ever where an offensive lineman would like it to be, especially in a loss. But some of that is a continual work in progress and it's something that we'll have to continually try to work on and be better at next time.

Q: Would it be fair to say you're not satisfied?
A: I don't think anybody can be satisfied with anything that transpired last night. I don't think that would be a fair assessment of what transpired. The only thing that you can take away from is that it's a game in which we basically got embarrassed. It's something that we need to go out and do something about.

Q: Was DeMaurice Smith here today? Is he the one that spoke to you?
A: Yes.

Q: How long was it, two hours?
A: Two hour meeting? No. It was about an hour I guess.

Q: When you looked at the tape today, what would you identify as the pass protection issue?
A: Blocking people, plain and simple. You can't go ahead and find yourself in third-and-longs and giving them the advantage of going ahead to really get that rush going and it's something that obviously is very easy to take care of - don't put yourself in those situations.

Q: Tom said last night after the game that he mentioned to you this was a team, the Colts, who played poorly the week before and played very well in this game. Is that kind of like a thing that makes you think, ‘Maybe next week that can be us?'
A: Well I mean you have to go ahead and take that mindset. You can't go ahead and develop yourself or develop a mindset of, ‘OK, well that's just one week.' We have to go out and do something about it now. We can't wait and say, ‘OK, that's just a misnomer. It just happens.' We have to go out there and improve this week, plain and simple.

Q: Have you played against a pair of speed rushers like (Robert) Mathis and (Dwight) Freeney?
A: Before? Yes. Yes. We played the Colts before.

Q: But I mean another team.
A: Another team? A tandem on another team? On that type of surface? I don't believe so. No.