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Eli Manning, 09.20.10

Q: After looking at the tape, any more thoughts on yesterday?
A: Yeah, we got outplayed and that's what it came down to in a lot of areas. We couldn't get in a rhythm, and we had too many third-and-long situations. It wasn't like we made a whole lot of mistakes and we were not doing the right things, we were just outperformed and we couldn't get anything going with too many turnovers. I have to stop fumbling the ball and turning the ball over. We have to fix those things and the Colts scored every time off that. It's one of those things where their offense is moving the ball and scoring, and we couldn't match them. When you get down versus a team like that, it's tough. Their pass rushers are not worried about the run anymore, and they're stretching up field and it makes it hard on your offensive line. It's hard to have time to get the ball upfield.

Q: Did this game resemble the collapse last season, did it feel like it?
A: No, we're worried about this year. You play this game long enough, you're going to lose games. That's a part of football. You're going to get beat sometimes. You're going to go out there, and you're just going to get beat, and that's what happened yesterday. We have to learn, and find how to make adjustments and see what we can do and how we can improve and get back to playing better football.

Q: How does the leadership on this team differ this year from last season, like to rebound after a big loss?
A: On any team, you're going to have losses. That's a part of it. You have to understand that we have to get better. Any team is going to go through a bad loss where you get beat, and you can't let it affect your confidence, preparation, or mindset. We have to come in on Wednesday and get back in here, start our preparation, have a great week at practice, and get ready for the Tennessee Titans.

Q: Have you had any specific talks with Brandon regarding his helmet toss or where his head is at?
A: I had lunch with Brandon today, and the whole helmet situation was just an accident. I didn't see it happen. He was frustrated, obviously, and threw his helmet, and he didn't mean for it to go up high, unfortunately. He felt bad about that, and that's all I know about the subject.

Q: Do you sense he wants to be here? Reports are floating around that he wants to ask for a trade:
A: I don't know. I don't have any information on that.

Q: Do you still want him here? Do you think he and Ahmad can coexist?
A: Yeah, definitely. I think Brandon and Ahmad are great talents and they have done great things for us. They can be a great tandem in the NFL, and they work well and they know the offense. They know what they're doing. We have to give them the opportunity to go out there and do their job.

Q: We have a view that Brandon seems like a distraction to you guys, is that what he's like to this team?
A: No, I mean guys aren't talking about it. We know Brandon and he wears his mouth on his sleeve a little bit. He's very emotional, and he's going to say some things. There are some people who do it just to do it, and he wants to win, be out there, and help this team. That's just the way he is, and you have to love him for it and you need to understand where he's coming from and why it happens. It's because he's competitive, and he wants to do well. He wants to be in the game, and he wants to help us win games.

Q: In a team meeting or anything, was any of this brought up?
A: Nothing has been said. It was an accident on his part, and he wasn't trying to throw his helmet into the crowd, that doesn't fix any problems. It's just unfortunate.

Q: Did he apologize about any of this?
A: No. We haven't made a big deal about it. I think a lot of guys didn't know what was going on at the time. We didn't see it happen, and we heard some commotion going on in the stands, and we didn't know what it was about or how the word got out that it happened. The guys who saw it realized it was an accident, and quickly found out that he wasn't doing it on purpose.

Q: Do you think that with this being a major media market, and giving the position that Brandon is in with starting or not starting, do you think this is something players have to deal with?
A: I think there are a lot of things to learn. Like in other markets, if you're a starter and then all of the sudden you're not a starter, you're going to get grilled on it a lot, and that can be frustrating. That can be a hard thing to handle. To talk about it is one thing, to have it happen and always discuss it is always going to make it tough. In any place, like New York, you have to learn how to win here and you're going to be praised after winning, maybe a little bit more than you should, and after a loss you'll be criticized a little bit more. You're going to be dealing with the good and the bad the same way, and keeping a level head and going back to work that next day and being able to stay on an even keel, answer the questions, learn how to deal with your mistakes, and move on.