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Report: Brandon Jacobs Will Ask For Trade

<strong>Brandon Jacobs</strong>.  (Photo by Nick Laham/Getty Images)
Brandon Jacobs. (Photo by Nick Laham/Getty Images)
Getty Images

[Note by Ed Valentine, 09/20/10 5:31 PM EDT: Check SB Nation New York for updates to this story.]

From Vinny DiTrani of the Bergen Record, via Pro Football Talk comes word that Brandon Jacobs will request a trade from the New York Giants today.

That's what Jacobs hopes, according to a report from Vinny DiTrani, longtime writer of the Bergen Record that just can't stop covering Big Blue. DiTrani reports that Jacobs will meet with Giants management Monday and request a trade.

Good luck with that. Perhaps a divorce is best for both sides, but there is no team that would remotely be interested in Jacobs considering his salary and attitude. He's toxic. Oh, and he hasn't been particularly effective since the start of 2009.

The Giants gave Jacobs $13 million guaranteed before 2009 and surely regret it now. He no longer produces and seems to take his frustration out on others. There's next to no chance he'll be back in New York at $4.65 million next year, so the only question is whether the Giants keep him for the rest of this year.

Sorry, but nobody is giving up anything for Jacobs. Most likely, the Giants will have to release him or deal with him. Boy, this got ugly in a hurry.