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Brandon Jacobs Helmet Toss: What Else Did He Throw Away?

Brandon Jacobs helmet landed several rows up into the Lucas Oil Stadium crowd. The guess here is that at least one game check went sailing into the stands along with the helmet. Question is, what else did he toss away?

Jacobs also apparently had another angry confrontation with a reporter following the game. On top of running badly, tossing his helmet and taking a foolish late-hit penalty.

I really have two questions about Jacobs right now. First, what will the league do about his childish behavior? Second, and maybe more important to the Giants in the end, is what should they do with him?

I'm pretty certain a fairly hefty fine is coming Jacobs way from Commissioner Roger Goodell's office. A suspension could also be coming -- one which I would find completely justified after Jacobs put fans in harm's way.

After the league doles out whatever punishment it deems appropriate the Giants are still left with a 6-foot-4, 265-pound problem. What are they going to do with the big man?

He isn't happy, that much has been obvious by his demeanor since Day 1 of training camp. He isn't running well, as he seems to want to dance rather than use his frame to punish people. He has now officially become a distraction.

So, what to do? Bench him? Suspend him yourself? Cut him? Just let the season play out and hope his attitude and performance improve?

I don't really know what the right answer is, or what the Giants will do. Pretty obvious, though, that they have to do something.