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Aaron Ross, 09.17.10

Q: Coach says that you are ready to go, guess that feels pretty good for you:
A: It feels great to hear. I practiced every day this week, full practice. My heel felt fine. There is no more exciting week to play than to play against the Colts.

Q: After that Jets game, did you have the Colts game circled as the game you need to get back for?
A: I had week one circled on my calendar, but it didn't work out. Of course, this was the next week and I was praying that I had the opportunity to come and play this week.

Q: Do you worry about how the foot will respond in the game when you're in there?
A: I'm trying not to, but this will be the first game so I'm going into it with my mind ready. I practiced hard and it didn't bother me. The trainers did a tremendous job in getting me back. I'm all the way in.

Q: You're going to be tested, too. I imagine they're going to need three corners in there most of the time:
A: Oh yeah. I'm ready for the challenge. It's my livelihood, so I'm ready.

Q: Do you know if you'll be on the outside, inside, slot, wherever?
A: Whichever. It depends on the formations. Inside, outside, however we plan in the game plan.

Q: Is it something where you'll be re-taped during game?
A: No. Once I'm on the field, I'm ready. I have padding under it to help protect it a little bit, but after that, I'm ready to go.

Q: How are your shoes different now than before the injury?
A: Just more padding.

Q: You dealt with so many injuries last year. How exciting is it to be healthy and hopefully stay that way?
A: Very exciting. I'm very excited to get out there. It's something I've been waiting for a whole year now. I didn't get to play much last year, and none at corner. This year will be the first time at corner, and I'm really excited about it.

Q: The issue last week was about re-injuring the foot. Is there pain now?
A: I can get through it. Of course, the pain is still there but it's something I can play with.

Q: Is there internal pressure for you with Bruce Johnson having a knee injury that they really need you?
A: There was no pressure because I felt like I was ready to play. There was no pressure from the coaches, training staff. I was ready to go. I felt that it was my time, and my number was being called, so I'm ready to step up.

Q: Talk about the Colts offense, esp. that receiving corps you'll face:
A: Everybody knows that Peyton has done a tremendous job since he's been there. We know the challenge ahead of us, and I think we're ready to step up to it.

Q: Have you considered doing punt returns?
A: Of course. Like I said before, it's been something I've been fighting for four years now. That's up to the coaches. Once I get completely healthy, hopefully I can get back there and try and get one.

Q: No update on that then?
A: No.

Q: Did it take a couple things to get the new padded shoes more comfortable and feeling ok?
A: Yeah. The first week I started wearing a shoe again, it was a little sore. The soreness went away and the shoes started feeling a little better. It wasn't really the shoe as much as it was my foot.

Q: When did you know you'd be playing this week?
A: Last Sunday after I didn't play in the first week.