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Tom Coughlin, 09.17.10

Q: Where was Osi?
A: Osi came out here, he did have some swelling, so we sent him back inside.

Q: I know you said it was wear and tear the other day. Is it his knee?
A: It's the knee. It's the knee on that side.

Q: What about Nicks?
A: He did better. He ran around and did some things, took some plays - looks like he's headed in the right direction.

Q: Game time thing?
A: I would think, yeah. We'll see how he is in the morning after he's done a little bit.

Q: Same for Osi, game time?
A: Yes.

Q: Nicks did some team stuff today?
A: Yes.

Q: If Nicks is limited, are Barden and Manningham ready for a bigger role?
A: I think they're ready for the role. Manningham played pretty well last weekend and Ramses has had some good solid practice days. Victor had some good practice days. Calhoun had a couple really good days, so they're coming.

Q: What can you tell us about Kevin Boss' concussion symptoms?
A: I believe the headaches are gone and so I think he is just going to rest and start a little bit of exercise, just to help him that way. I don't think that there are any real symptoms right now.

Q: We often think of Ramses Barden as a red zone guy because of his size but is he capable of doing everything else?
A: Yes. He actually knows all of the spots. He's one of those guys.

Q: How is Aaron Ross?
A: He's doing better. He did better every day this week and so I think he's going to be ready.

Q: Have you seen any major changes in special teams this week?
A: Well, obviously it's been an area of focus and we've practiced well. Punt protection has been good and it's our cover teams and we'll find out, but I think we'll be better. I think we'll be improved.

Q: Any update on Will Beatty and when he might be able to return?
A: No. I really don't. I haven't even had a full sit-down as to exactly what the plan will be. I can tell you that it's anywhere from four to six to eight weeks I've heard from the various research that has been done and the doctors telling us about this injury, but as far as exactly what Will will do, we'll see. Will has been a guy that has been...he's had outstanding endurance, he's never been in the training room. I'm talking about a guy that just has been very healthy, so this was a little bit of a shock. He calls himself a quick healer, so we'll see.

Q: What's Chase Blackburn listed as for Sunday?
A: He'll be out.

Q: That's going to be the end of a pretty long streak for him. Is it different for you to not have him out there?
A: Very much so.

Q: How is Bear Pascoe as a special teams player?
A: He's done a pretty good job. We'll see. He'll have his opportunities this weekend.

Q: Did Shaun O'Hara make it through the whole practice today?
A: He did probably half.

Q: He's okay to go on Sunday?
A: He's okay to go.

Q: Will you take Jim Sorgi on this trip with you?
A: That hasn't even been discussed. He's rehabbing his shoulder, as far as I know of.

Q: How disappointed was Blackburn on this one?
A: He's pretty disappointed. He's a guy that's always right there and wants to do everything he can. He's got to fight his way back. He had a little swelling this week, too. That's why he wasn't in here.

Q: With Osi, was this the same knee he had surgery on?
A: It's a swollen knee.

Q: Are you anxious to see how Dodge does in a dome?
A: I'm just anxious to see him improve from last week, to be honest with you. You guys didn't see him, but he was in here probably 45 minutes before anybody even came in here, working on all aspects of his game, so I'm hoping that we see the kind of improvement... You know, in a dome, if he catches one, he can change field position by himself. We've seen him do that so I'm looking forward to it.