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Five Questions With Stampede Blue

<strong>Peyton Manning</strong>.  (Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images)
Peyton Manning. (Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images)
Getty Images

As I do every week, I reached out to the blogger for this week's opposition, the Indianapolis Colts. That means Brad Wells from SB Nation's Stampede Blue.

The result is a five questions Q&A. You'll notice that our man Brad is not exactly shy with his opinions.

BBV: Dude, what in the world happened? The Texans NEVER beat the Colts. I thought there was a law against that. How did Indianapolis let that happen?

STAMPEDE: Well, I guess the Colts figured that since the last time the Colts and Giants played each other was 2006 that they would unveil their 2006 run defense (which allowed an average of 173 rushing yards a game) the week prior. In all seriousness, it happened because the Colts were not ready to play the football game. The coaching staff did a piss poor job preparing the team. The exact same defensive personnel that did such a great job stopping the run last year, including stoning the Ravens, Jets, and Saints running games in the playoffs, simply looked lost against the Texans. No excuse for it. If Colts fans see that in the home opener, they'll boo the team at home. Count on it.

BBV: The Colts showed two primary weaknesses against Houston -- offensive line play and run defense. Considering the strength of the Giants defensive line, which was incredibly impressive against Carolina, and the fact that the Giants are placing heavy emphasis on getting back to being a dominant running offense, how much does this matchup worry you?

STAMPEDE: Well, don't get to full of yourself regarding Carolina. That team's offense stinks. Again, from a talent and personnel standpoint, the Colts should utterly and completely shutdown the Giants run game. Whether or not they do it is a different story. If they don't, the finger should be pointed at the coaching staff.

BBV: Obviously, there is and will continue to be Eli vs. Peyton (or Peyton vs. Eli) if you prefer, hype everywhere you turn this week. Are you already tired of it? I know I am.

STAMPEDE: I'm not tired of it. I actually think it's kind of cool. When have you ever seen two brothers play for two elite franchises AGAINST each other? When has it ever happened in NFL history? This isn't, like, Damon Huard v. Brock Huard. These are two Super Bowl MVP quarterbacks facing each other... and they are related. It's very special and we Colts and Giants fans should embrace it. These two guys are really friggin' good at what they do. The league may never see anything like this ever again.

BBV: You referred to Peyton as an "all-timer" this week, which is undoubtedly true. Finish this sentence for me. Peyton Manning is the best quarterback of all time because ... Unless of course, you don't think he is the best of all time, in which case I'd be curious to see your list and where Peyton is on it.

STAMPEDE: Peyton Manning is the best quarterback of all time because ... well, let's clarify this. Peyton Manning is the best PLAYER of all time because Peyton Manning is the only player in NFL history to win four league MVPs. If morons want to blow that off and say 'MVPs mean nothing,' then fine. No one gives a crap what idiots like that think, anyway. Four MVPs, a Super Bowl, a Super Bowl MVP, and by the time he retires we'll hold every major passing record. Yep, the best ever.

BBV: If you could take one player off the Giants roster and put him in the Indianapolis starting lineup who would it be, and why?

STAMPEDE: I'll take anyone off your offensive line. ANYONE! Give us David Deihl, Shaun O'Hara, or Kareem McKenzie. We need any one of them. The Colts have the worst offensive line they've put forth in over thirteen years protecting Peyton this season. In his career, Peyton has never had a front line this bad. Bill Polian has done an awful job this off-season upgrading a group he was extremely critical of after the Super Bowl. For me, I just hope he survives the season. The line is literally THAT bad.