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Mathias Kiwanuka, 09.16.10

Q: How do you guys stop Peyton Manning?
A: You prepare. You prepare until you run out of time and then you prepare a little more. He's one of the most intelligent players that we have in the NFL, and you have to understand that he's going to look at us and try to pick us apart. You have to be able to match up and make those adjustments.

Q: The key is definitely pressure though:
A: I mean the goal stays the same. I think when you go into a game that you need to first stop the run and make them throw the ball. Even though they like to throw the ball, if you don't stop the run, that's what they're going to do. We stop that, and then after that, you go through your progressions and you make sure that you studied as hard as you could during the week and you can anticipate what's going to happen.

Q: You guys have enjoyed some nice safety play from Kenny Phillips and the two guys you didn't have last year, Rolle and Grant:
A: Absolutely. What everyone showed in week one definitely puts a little more confidence in this team knowing that they're there and they're going to do their job. When it comes down to it, they're going to make plays.

Q: How far did you grow up from there?
A: Maybe ten minutes. You can get across the city in about ten minutes, so everything is pretty close. That's still where I go back in the offseason so I'm very familiar with it.

Q: As far as challenges go, is this as big as it gets?
A: It's not the biggest. The biggest challenge you get is the Super Bowl. As far as regular season and early in the season goes, I think it's definitely one of the biggest challenges you can get.

Q: How long do you have to spend prepping with all the things you're doing and positions you're playing?
A: This is definitely the longest just because you have to spend a few extra hours in the meeting room. You add into it the defensive schemes, and the things we're changing and switching up, I think everyone has to do a little bit extra studying and be well abreast on the defense so that we can get everyone on the same page.