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Tom Coughlin, 09.16.10

Q: Obviously an easy way to beat them is to stop Peyton Manning. Defense is one thing; maybe a better way is to just keep him off the field?

A: That would help, that would certainly help. The amazing thing about last week is even though the Houston team held the ball in the second half - did a nice job that way - he still threw for well over 400 yards and 70% completions - and didn't throw an interception on 57 passes. So that is certainly part of the deal. You like to see, as you look back over, exactly how much time of possession other people have. However, they were 14-2 a year ago and were the lowest - the 32nd team in the League in time of possession.

Q: Do you tell your guys to not get involved in this "Manning Bowl" business?

A: I don't think we have to talk about that. We really don't. Because the way I look at it, it is two exceptional quarterbacks who are trying to get their team in position to play against another very good football team in the case of the Indianapolis Colts and the New York Giants. And I'm sure the two brothers will maybe talk Friday night, maybe, and then after the game. But they are competitive and that is all that matters.

Q: Bruce Johnson - did he get hurt during practice?

A: He came in with a swollen knee and they started treatment. Truth be known, he probably could have practiced today but they were cautious with him.

Q: Do you expect Hakeem Nicks to be okay to play on Sunday?

A: I'm hoping. I'm hoping. Really I was hoping he would maybe be able to do something today. But that wasn't the case.

Q: Is he developed enough that he can get by without much practice?

A: It is hard to play well and not practice. There are just so many things that happen out there.

Q: Did Aaron Ross suffer a setback today?

A: I don't think so. He has had the off and on taping issue. "It just doesn't feel comfortable; would you please tape it again?" I think that happened today, too.

Q: How much did he do today?

A: Just about everything. He has been doing - he did the same thing yesterday, really.

Q: Do you like the way he moves - his moving around?

A: Yeah, he has been a little rusty but he made a couple of nice plays today.

Q: How is Osi Umenyiora recovering?

A: He has been doing fine. He moved around real well today, I think, and is well on his way.

Q: When you were looking at college tapes of Jason Pierre-Paul did you see special teams abilities?

A: That is really not what you are focused on. We thought athletically he could probably do whatever we wanted him to do.

Q: Does his lack of football background help him or hurt him?

A: Let's put it this way, he is learning every day. And fortunately, he is in a position where he wants to. And I still see it. You probably saw it the other day - that fresh, young work about, even special teams. He kind of grabbed hold of that and went out there and really did a nice job.

Q: Is this the kind of game where you can learn a lot about your football team going on the road against a good team like the Colts?

A: I think you learn a lot about your football team at every practice, every game. How your team prepares is really important. I thought last week it did a job with that and it is going to be very, very important this week as well.

Q: Linval Joseph - was he very disappointed last week?

A: Yeah, very much so. You like it like that.

Q: Is there more that he can do - is there a role for him on special teams? What does he have to do to convince you to take him off the inactive?

A: Just keep playing - opportunities come. It is a long season. In that spot it has never been an issue, believe me. It just seems as if the - once you get going in this, you are juggling this part of it every week. There is a lot of football for young Linval and he does have a great attitude about practicing and trying to get better and I appreciate the fact that, hey, nobody wants to make anyone inactive. That is one of the toughest - how would you like to tell your guys in the Super Bowl who is inactive? Nobody wants to do that - it is unfortunately part of the game. I feel for the kid and every young man that doesn't get a suit on Sunday. But it works itself out somehow.

Q: Did Shaun O'Hara make it through the whole practice?

A: No, no he didn't. He had some reoccurrence of the injury and they felt it was better to just back him off.

Q: Your young receivers, have they made a step as far as the mental mistakes?

A: Yeah, they have made progress. There is still more to go, but they have made progress along those lines, for sure.

Q: How has Matt Dodge's attitude been at practice?

A: Great. The attitude is not the issue. He is a worker. He is hard on himself.

Q: Any update on Chase Blackburn?

A: No.

Q: Did Will Beatty have surgery this morning?

A: I haven't had a report, but yes. It was a little too early to get that when we went on the field for the jog thru.